Good News To Gamers, PayPal has spilled the beans on Steam Summer Sale Date

Good News Gamers, PayPal has spilled the bean; Steam Summer Sale Date Revealed

Hey do you game? Then boy has PayPal got some news for you. You can now put the speculations to rest, as PayPal (an authoritative news source by its own rights) has just spilled the official date for the Steam summer Sale.

Here’s is PayPal spilling the beans on the Steam summer sale.

As you can see from the tweet above, the Steam summer sale June 23 is just few days away from most people’s Payday. So you should expect a lot of people to channel June salary towards purchasing Steam’s games.

Obviously chronic gamers will spend more on buying video games than the average gamers. However, there is no word yet on just how much the discounts are going to be, but going by the previous year. You should expect some really good discounts on games that will keep you entertained throughout the summer.

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