Google Contacts now lets you view Someone’s Real-Time Location on Google Maps

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We all have been there; wondering where a certain person is, are they safe, what could they be doing. Although these concerns are not always in good faith, especially when it comes to adult relations with regards to dating couples, or married couples.

However, it makes perfect sense in some relationship dynamics such as parent and child. As a parent, it is your duty to ensure your child is always safe and Google is working on making that much easier.

Granted, there are already tens of different ways technology can help you keep tabs of your child’s whereabouts. Some of which we mentioned in our earlier article. It now emerges that Google is working on a new tool which will merge Google Maps and Google Contacts, and give you a live location of a given person.

The search engine giant is said to be working on a newer version of Google Contacts, which in addition to new design overhaul, will include live location sharing.

How does it Work?

For a long time now, it has been possible for people to share their live location to their contacts via Google Maps. All they need is to log into their Google Account, and on the Google Map share their location with another Google Account user.

With the new upgrade, Google has incorporated Google Contacts into the mix. A user can now just launch their Contacts app, and select a contact and select a new option to share their live-location. All without first going to the Google Maps

When will the Feature be available

Currently, the most authoritative news is coming from editors with Android Police. Meaning Google is currently running dry runs of the new Google Contacts feature. However, there are rumors that the feature will be launched with the new Android 14.

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