Hellofood Recommends Mashujaa Day Special; For Kenyans and Kenyans At Heart

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Hellofood Recommends Mashujaa Day Special; For Kenyans and Kenyans At Heart

The last couple of months at Hellofood have been super exciting. The number of partner restaurants we have on their site has grown and it gives them great joy to extend their selection so that customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to food delivery. This long weekend, Hellofood gives you some recommendations on restaurants you should try out for this Mashujaa holiday (Oct. 20th):


  1. Big Square at the Junction, Fast food: They are taking Nairobi by storm with their delicious square burgers. Big square is fantastic because they literally have a branch in the most populous business centers and residential areas; Karen, Lavington, Gigiri and the newest branch at the junction has joined us as well. So if you are in any of these areas and you fancy your favorite burger from Big Square, all the branches can deliver to you via hellofood.
  1. Maharaja Indian and Italian cuisine: Indian food is one of the most flavorsome dishes that is enjoyed by many, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. One such restaurant offering this wonderful cuisines is known as Maharaja which not only offers Bombay dishes and South Indian dishes, they also have Italian dishes. This is a great option to have if you and your loved one would like to enjoy a nice night indoors but still enjoy great Indian or Italian cuisine.
  1. Snack Attack, Fast food: As the name suggests, they have wonderful snacks and fast food that you can enjoy where you’re looking to have a quick and hearty meal at the office or if you want to take a break from cooking this long weekend. Some of the more popular dishes are their combos of either chicken or burgers that are great if you are ordering for more than one person and you also want the kids to enjoy something different over the Mashujaa holiday.
  1. Tropical Lush, Fresh Juice: Sometimes all the food in the world cannot do what one glass of fresh juice can do and that is give you that extra zap for the day, leave alone the health benefits. Tropical lush have juices that vary, made from the juiciest fruits that our country has to offer; from passion fruit, to pineapple, banana or mango – tropical lush have juices that are wonderful for whatever mood or diet you are in.
  1. Sultan Grills, Lebanese Cuisine: Here is the truth about Sharwarmas – there have to be a dime a dozen of restaurants claiming to do a good job when it comes to making sharwarmas. But something must be said about the Sharwarmas that come from Sultan Grills, I have enjoyed eating them at different times of day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they always leave me wanting more. Oh! And their falafel is just as good too!
  1. Kwetu Cafe, African food: When we say that our partner restaurants vary in cuisine, it is important for us to mention that you don’t only get fast food when you order from us. You can also find restaurants that specialize in preparing your favorite African dishes, just the way mama makes them and Kwetu café is one such place. Order from this restaurant to enjoy your chapatti, pilau, managu, liver, beef, chicken ugali and other African dishes from all across Kenya.

How to use Hellofood

Customers can use the website Hellofood.co.ke or download the hellofood app from Safaricom live to order from their favourite restaurants or find new restaurants that they otherwise would not have access to; they are also able to buy meals in the most convenient way using the latest technology and within their budget.


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