Here are 5 Tips Disney Plus can Improve itself!

Here are 5 Tips Disney Plus can Improve itself!

It didn’t take long for Disney Plus to establish itself as one of the most imposing streaming services of the modern era. Amid stiff competition from the streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Disney Plus has managed to carve out a niche for itself. It has become the dedicated home to the Marvel franchise, Pixar animated TV shows, Nat Geo documentaries, and several other prominent production houses.

However, despite all the buzz surrounding Disney Plus, there are several aspects this streaming service needs to work on. From occasionally glitchy apps to user-friendliness, Disney Plus can still improve a lot of things. For instance, it often assumes that you are using an “incompatible” device and the app stops working. But that’s not much of a nuisance and you can easily fix Disney Plus Error Code 83.

Here are some ways through which Disney can further improve its services:

1. Introduce a Host

Disney Plus’s older titles, shorts, and TV series are lacking. You might have watched the first-week episodes of the classic Mickey Mouse Club, having no idea what to anticipate, thinking why the program was like that, and more.

Introducing a host would bring Disney Plus much closer to managing its older titles in the same manner that Turner Classic Movies works. When you watch a movie on TCM, a movie critic/scholar such as Ben Mankiewicz provides context. The exact thing should be done by Disney Plus.

A few people are well-versed in Hollywood legend and Disneyana just like Leonard Maltin, one of the best movie commentators of the last 50 years. If Disney wants to recruit a host for the platform, he’d be the ideal candidate.

If you’re a Disney devotee, you might already own one of the Walt Disney Treasures DVD collections, which featured Lenard Maltin himself providing context for the content on that set. However, Disney Plus may bring in more experts, reviewers, or some actor fans as well.

2. Add More Bonus Features

Here are a few bonuses included in the Toy Story Blu-ray: Filmmakers’ comments, behind-the-scenes short film, eight outtakes, a number of short featurettes, a video collection, insights into the movie’s set, soundtrack, and layout, and more are included. If you navigate to the Toy Story Extras page on Disney Plus, you’ll find a 30-second short clip and five cut scenes.

Despite the fact that most Disney Plus contents feature an Extras page, there are relatively few extras accessible for such titles. Obviously, not everyone will want to listen to voice commentary or see behind-the-scenes films.

However, there is little disadvantage to Disney Plus adding tangible media bonuses to the streaming service. Instead, here’s an idea: create extra features and audio commentaries for selected Disney Plus titles. It may appear to be more labor, but if managed properly, it might result in some excellent PR.

3. Replace Offensive Material With More Appropriate Language 

You may remember a term that surfaced when the Disney Plus platform was launched: “outdated cultural portrayal.” That line, without a doubt, carefully reviewed by the legal team of Disney, is intended to act as a catch-all statement that anything you’re going to stream can be sexist, racist, or in any other manner potentially objectionable.

It’s impossible to disagree with the statement or the content in which it is used. However, there are several approaches that Disney Plus might address the problem more thoroughly than they do now. Instead of delivering a quiet message that the audience must look for, they may design a message that is displayed next to these movies and shorts, thereby informing the audience of the possibly offensive nature of the content they are going to watch.

Alternatively, if Disney Plus created a server for older titles, they might address potentially sensitive details in a more forthright way. It’s a hard decision to make, but it has to be far greater than it is now. You can also check out the scenes in Marvel movies that might made you feel cringe

4. A More Straightforward Mature Content Guide For Parents 

So you’ve decided to organize a special movie night with your family. You want to watch a movie that is light and entertaining, and also apparently safe for the entire family. So you pick Splash, a 1984 comedy. It stars Tom Hanks in a mermaid story! But you gradually discover that Splash is a sitcom about a certain mermaid and an adult guy who engages in a lot of sexual encounters.

Disney Plus is designed to appeal to families, but it has to provide a more extensive parents guide to its target audience. Children may not understand the specifics of whether movies or shorts show cigarettes, crude language, or aggression.

However, parents might prefer to be aware of, and warned of, the fact that during the initial 15 minutes of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, a crow pecks out a guy’s eyeball. The competence of content can occasionally be self-explanatory. However, it is preferable to provide more, and not less, clarity of the mature content for each title.

5. Add More Classic Content on the Platform

Depending on your concept of “older content,” you can say that Disney Plus has achieved this aim already. While the majority of Disney’s original animations are offered on streaming platforms, there are several noticeable absences.

The Mickey Mouse Club only has one week of episodes available on the site, but no more content. The long-term Walt Disney anthology TV show has only two episodes left. A number of the short subjects starring characters like Donald, Mickey, and Goofy, such as “Donald in Mathmagic Land” are still unavailable.

All of these older contents are unavailable for streaming anywhere, and they are sometimes difficult to come by on DVD. During the lull between recent, genre-heavy content, this older title may also assist as an easy method for Disney Plus to advertise the types of titles that a viewer might just chance onto and probably watch without much notice. Kids may become bored with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, therefore you might want to look into some of Mickey’s early cartoons.


Whatever the fixes that Disney Plus may require to be an even better platform, there’s no denying the fact that it remains one of the most sought-after platforms—which is definitely worth your money and time!


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