How do I change Screenshot Save Location on a Mac?

screenshot mac

By default, all the screenshots you take on a Mac gets saved to the desktop. Something that can quickly make your desktop look messy and ugly. That is why we want to show you how to change this default screenshot save location on a Mac to a more friendly location.

To change the location where screenshots are saved on your Mac, you will first need to go to the desktop. Click on Command + N which will open a new Finder window.

Next, click on Command+Shift+N to create a new folder where screenshots will be saved. Keep this window open and then click on Command+1 to give the folder a Grid Mode look.

Press Command+Space to launch Spotlight

Type in ‘Terminal’ and click on it

In the Terminal, type defaults write location and make sure you hit Space once after the last word ‘location’

Now drag the folder you created and drop it inside the Terminal window. Next, the system directory path folder should appear.

Now hit Enter key on your keyboard

Going forward, all of your screenshots will not be saved on the desktop, but on the folder, you created using the above instructions.


Never delete the folder you created above, doing so will lead to so many problems. If you must delete it, then follow all the steps above leading up to opening the Terminal, and then use the command defaults write location ~/Desktop.

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