How to add another User Account to your Chrome browser

chrome user account

If you share a computer with your family members or friends. It is important to separate your user accounts on the computer’s operating system from them. That way you get things to run as per your preferences and customization; default browser choice, how the mouse behaves, your music playlist, and get to keep your private things, well, private!

However, the process of login in and then having to log out of your (say Windows) account, can be cumbersome. That is the reason why Google integrated different user accounts on the Chrome browser. While you don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of login out then someone else login to their user account on the computer. Chrome browser creates accounts for each user within the same Windows user account, and it brings along all your browising history, bookmarks, and passwords.

Though each user maintains their separate online identity. The best thing about Chrome user account is that you can change from one user account to the next on the fly. Just a few click and you are on to your profile, another click and a few click the other user has changed Chrome to their user account settings. However, each user’s profile is separated and kept private from those of other users using the same computer to browse.

As it works out, you can create a user account for Chrome for all your family members and friends with whom you share the computer. When guy are taking turns on the computer, there is no need of logging out, then logging in. At the click of a button, you could change Chrome user profile from one use to the next.

How to set Guest Account in Chrome Browser

Launch the Chrome browser and go to the address bar. Type in chrome://settings and hit the Enter key.

Click on Manage other people then at new Chrome window will pop-up with profiles of all users enlisted. To add a new user, click on Add Person at the bottom right corner of the new pop-up window.

Type in the other user’s name and select a suitable avatar. The new user will have their account up and running, and they can proceed to log in with their Google account and have their Chrome browsing history, bookmarks, and passwords from all other devices synced to their profile.

To switch from one user to the next, simply click on the name tag on the top right corner of the browser, and select the user account you want to switch to.

Note, you can also browser in Guest mode, which allows you to browser on Chrome without your history, cookies, and passwords being saved on the browser.

N/B >> This tip was written based on Chrome 67, versions much earlier or later than that might have a slightly different way of adding/deleting a user account on the Chrome browser.

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