How to Add Interactive Widgets on You MacBook Desktop

Are you a Macbook user and want to add handy widgets to your desktop?

If so, then the MacOS Sonoma is here to help you with that. Widgets are very handy in making your digital life easier. And when we talk of interactive widgets, we are talking about widgets that significantly improve how you use your Mac laptop.

So, how do you add interactive widgets on your Mac desktop?

Drag and Drop

If you already have widgets on your Notification Center, then simply dragging and dropping them onto your desktop will work.

Alternatively, you could Control-click the desktop wallpaper and then select Edit Widgets.

You will get a built-in widget browser, and you can then select an app from the All Widget sidebar. Click on the widget size you want to add it to the desktop instantly.

Adding Widgets with MacOS Sonoma

The other option is to use MacOS Sonoma. However, to use Sonoma, you will need a MacOS device, whether it is MacBook Pro or iMac running Sonoma.

Once you are running Sonoma, here is how to go about enabling widgets:

  1. Disable Stage Manager. First, you will disable Stage Manager so you can access the desktop right-click option. Simply go to the icon on the Menu Bar and click the slider on Stage Manager to off.
  2. Open the Widgets editor with a right-click or two-finger tap at any blank spot on the desktop.
  3. Click Edit Widgets. In the popup, find the widgets you want to add to your desktop and then simply click and drag them onto your desktop.
  4. Enjoy your widgets! You will find them quiet helpful in making specific tasks easier to perform.

Remember to enable Stage Manager once all the widgets are in place. And if you ever want to remove a widget, simply right click on the widget and click Remove Widget.

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