How to Clear Google Search History

clear google search history

When it comes to the internet, Google remains the most dominant presence. You use Google to search for other sites, you get served by Google ads, and you often use Google platforms like Gmail, YouTube, among others.

The fact that Android smartphones make up the biggest share of mobile devices accessing the internet only increases Google’s data harnessing powers. Now, that we are on that subject matter, Google’s presence is ubiquitous on Android smartphones.

Based on how you use your phone, where you use it, how many times, and your search history. Google does have so much information about you, with the sole purpose of sending you highly targeted ads.

Clear Google Search history

For reason or the other, you might want to delete some of the information Google has about your online (and perhaps offline) activities. You will be glad to know you can delete all the information Google has on you, or just a specific information.

Go to and view all the information the search engine giant has on you. Note, you can also do this on your smartphone in case you don’t have a computer near you.

Click the hamburger menu located on the upper-left hand side of the page, then click on Activity Controls in the side menu. Then go to Web & App Activity > Manage Activity. Here you will see all your search history and activities on Google services like YouTube, Gmail, and Maps among others.

To delete individual listed information, click the three-dot menus located on the far right end of each. If you want to delete all the listed information, then go to the top blue bar and click the three-dotted menu and select Delete activity by.

Next, go to Delete by date > All time. Within the same menu, you will find the option of deleting all your entire history from Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and Image Search among others.

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