How to Download Tumblr Videos in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for Free

Tumblr is a great social media and blogging website which is full of interesting content, videos, GIF and images. I come across the best and interesting videos on Tumblr more than any other website (Facebook included). A lot of people have asked us about how to download Tumblr videos. Downloading a Tumblr video will give you a lot of options therefore it’s very handy. You could share those interesting and funny videos on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. Save them in the mobile for further fun. Let’s see how to download Tumblr videos in Google Chrome and Firefox.

Download Tumblr Videos in Chrome

If you want to download a Tumblr video in Chrome, just click this link and grab the Chrome extension.

After adding the extension, open and launch any video you want.

The extension will automatically detect the media and the arrow will go blue on the top right corner.

But if you are at a page where there are a lot of videos, the powerful software will not get confused. Just Play the video you want to download and its download option will be queued in the line and you can click and download the video.

That’s it. Let the video download and you could play it when it’s completed. Enjoy.

Download Tumblr Videos in Firefox

If you want to download a Tumblr video in Mozilla Firefox, there is a pretty good working add-on for it as well.

Download Downloadhelper add-on.

 Add it in your Firefox browser.

Open Tumblr and go to the video you want to download.

This add-on will also automatically detect the videos on the page and will give you option to download.

You can download any video you want and enjoy it.

This was how to download Tumblr videos in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Let us know in the comments about your feedback and questions.

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