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How To Get Unlimited Extra Lives in Candy Crush for Free in iPhone

Candy Crush is perhaps the most addictive mobile game of the recent times. But the irony is that it has in-app purchases, which means that you could play a limited number of lives for free (5 in case of Candy Crush), and after that, you need to pay for extra lives, or just try and try again until you pass all the hurdles till the end, which is impossible. But using some tricks, you can get unlimited extra Candy Crush lives for free.

Get Extra, Unlimited Lives on Candy Crush for Free

The first way to get free extra Candy Crush lives on iPhone is through Facebook account.

After connecting to Candy Crush via Facebook, just tap the ‘Ask friends for extra lives’ option. This would advertise Candy Crush Game on your wall. You can select friends and ask them for extra lives.

Don’t select more than 5 friends, as this is the limit for extra lives at one time. You could always send more invites later.

But I don’t prefer to the first way, because it is annoying for others. Let’s face it: people hate getting Candy Crush invites, and no one has got time to interact with your Candy Crush requests. So here’s the best way to get free extra Candy Crush lives on your iPhone.

Launch Settings in your iPhone

Tap ‘General’

Go to Date and Time

Now Set Automatically button to Off.

Tap Date and Time below (blue color) to show the date and time picker.

Use the wheels to change the date and set the date to tomorrow (next day)

Launch Candy Crush game in your iPhone

You must see an extra life. If not, go back to the date changer and set the date to the next date.

Now head over to General > Date & Time in the Settings section of your iPhone and tap Set Automatically back to On.

This was how to get unlimited extra lives in Candy Crush for Free in iPhone.

Fahad Saleem

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