How to Lock the Incognito Tab with Face ID in iOS Chrome

Chrome is a product of Google, which has become the most used web browser across the world.

According to statistics, Chrome currently has approximately 2.56 billion internet users, which is about 65.21% of the market. Furthermore, the web browser exceeded 5 billion downloads back in 2019, a testament to how much it dominates the web browsing market.

But even as the market leader, Google has not rested on its laurels with Chrome and has often continually added new features to its web browser to make it even better to use.

Incognito Tab for Chrome for iOS

The Incognito tab is one very useful tab that allows you to browse the internet without leaving your search history on the computer. (It does not, however, stop your internet provider or even Google from tracking your usage)

To further help in keeping your privacy from those around you as you browse, Google recently added a new feature for Chrome for iOS. This feature allows you to use your Face ID to lock your incognito tab.

Below are steps on how to enable this feature:

  1. Open the Chrome app, then tap the three dots on the upper right. This will open Settings
  2. Then, find Privacy & Security
  3. Turn on the Lock Incognito Tab with the Face ID option
  4. Then, in the address bar, key in chrome://flags and search for Device Authentication for Incognito Mode to enable this feature.
  5. This way, each time you open the Incognito tab, you will need to scan it with your Face to access it, meaning nobody else will be able to access it without you around, thus ensuring that your tabs are private from prying eyes.

And there you have it: a simple and effective way to keep your Incognito tabs only for your eyes.

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