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How to lovingly steal your friends’ WhatsApp Status Stories

So WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger stole Stories from Snapchat. That’s fine! We now have become used to having Stories on Zuckerberg’s multiple platforms; perhaps we even come to love it.

But WhatsApp, in particular, is now becoming a platform for sharing funny videos. Sometimes you might see one of your contacts share a funny video. Well, it doesn’t have to be funny, just something you might want to watch later on. You might not feel comfortable asking that particular contact (who shared the video on their WhatsApp status Story) to send you the video.

Guess, what? You might not even need to ask them to send you the video. You can just lovingly steal it off their WhatsApp video, and never have to bother asking them to send you. But before we get to it, here’s a disclaimer. This trick appears to work on some Android phones and doesn’t work in some.

In this case, I am using Huawei GR5, and it should work on your Android phone as well if you follow the steps below.

How to get a video off someone’s WhatsApp Status Story

First, you need to watch the video (on the WhatsApp status story) to the end. Essentially, that will download the video to your phone. It will stay on your phone for 24 hours, and disappear when the temporary 24-hour-Statuses expires.

After watching the video, head on to the File app on your phone; that is the equivalent of File Explorer. Browse to the ‘WhatsApp’ folder, this folder could either be internally or externally if you have a MicroSD card set as the default storage for apps and files. If you have located the WhatsApp folder follow the steps below:

WhatsApp > Media > .Statuses

From the Statuses folder you will get all the videos, photos, and GIFs your contacts have posted as their WhatsApp Story statuses. You can then go right ahead and help yourself to them, but you should know the video will not be more than 30 seconds long. As WhatsApp has set a 30 seconds limit.

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