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How to Record Screen in Windows 10 Without Any Third Party Software

Recording your screen in the form of a video is handy in so many cases. You may be an avid gamer and want to show the world your perfect gaming skills in the form of a YouTube video, or you want to record your screen to teach your colleague about some tech trick you just learnt. Whatever the case may be, the good news for Windows 10 fans is that you can record screen in Windows 10 using a native feature without the use of any screen recording software.

Record Screen in Windows 10

Windows 10 has a native Xbox One app, which has a new screen recording app for all the pro-gamers who want to upload the game play videos to internet and compete with each other. But the best part of this app is that you can use it to record your screen in Windows 10 doing just about anything, and it is not necessary for the Xbox screen recording app to work just while gaming. Here’s how to record your screen in Windows 10.

Open the start menu in Windows 10 and you will see a green app tile with Xbox icon. If not, you can quickly write “Xbox app” in the search box. Open the Xbox app.

When the Xbox app is opened, Press the key combination by hitting “Win + G”. Make sure to press this combination when you are on the screen/place which you want to record. As soon as this key combination is pressed, a new game bar will be opened.

The game bar will ask you if what you are recording is a game. Just tap “Yes, this is a game“ (even if it’s not a game). This is necessary in order to record screen in Windows 10.

You will see the options like  “Screenshot“, “Start Recording” and “Settings“.

If you want to record your screen in Windows 10, click “Start Recording” and your screen recording will be started. Or you can click “Screenshot” in order to take screenshots.

Remember, the recorded videos are saved in C Drive, in the C:\Users:\yourusername:\Videos:\Captures section.

You can change the location where the recorded videos are saved, quality and much more by going to the settings area of Xbox app in the game DVR Section. Just go to the Settings section Xbox app, in the Game DVR area.

You can also change the keyboard shortcuts which are used for recording screen from the above settings screen.

This was how to record your screen in Windows 10 without any third party software. Let us know in the comments in case of any questions or feedback.

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