How To Unpair Apple Watch from iPhone, Erase Contents and Remove Credit Card Information

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How To Unpair Apple Watch from iPhone, Erase Contents and Remove Credit Card Information

The hype about the much-awaited for Apple wearable – the Apple Watch – is starting to cool down. The device has however been met by a number of consumer complaints; ranging from skin irritation, rashes, band discoloration and some scratched on the stainless steel model.

If the Apple Watch is just not working for you and you would like to part ways with it already. You could be thinking of giving it away, selling it off or just stop using it and store it away.

The following is a simple do-it-yourself guide on how you can unpair your iPhone to your Apple Watch, erase the Apple Watch content and remove your Credit and Debit card information from the device.

How To Erase Content from Apple Watch

Clearing data stored the Apple Watch is very easy; if you’re selling off the device, the last thing you want is for the next owner to have access to your previously downloaded content. Follow the steps below:

Go to ‘Settings’ on the Apple Watch Home screen

Under ‘Settings’ navigate to ‘General’ then Reset

Tap ‘Erase All Content’ & ‘Settings ‘

If you the option for ‘Unpair Apple Watch from iPhone’ is available, you can do the same. However, Apple cautions that trying to erase data on the Apple Watch while it is out of the iPhone range will delete the data when you come back into the range.

How to Unpair Apple Watch from your iPhone

If you want to sell off your Apple Watch, give it away or in the event it gets lost or stolen. You are advised to unpair the Apple Watch with your iPhone. The following are steps to how to go about it:

Go to ‘Apple Watch App’ on your iPhone

Tap ‘My Watch’ > ‘Apple Watch’ > Unpair Apple Watch

Tap ‘Unpair (whichever name you gave your Apple Watch)’

By unpairing the Apple Watch, it also automatically removes your iCloud account.

How to remove Payment Cards from Apple Watch

The worst thing that can happen to you when you lose your smartphone or a wearable is somebody having access to your credit or debit card information. With the Apple Watch, removing your payment information is quite easy. Use the following steps:

Go to > Remover your cards

Go to Setting > My Devices

Select the device (the Apple Watch or whichever name you gave it).

Click ‘Remove ‘

Your credit and debit card information will have been removed from your Apple Watch device.

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