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Huawei handed temporary lifeline by the US Commerce Department

Huawei’s business outside China was nuked over the weekend. Following Google’s decision to comply with the Trump administration directive to ban the Chinese telecom company from accessing its proprietary apps and services.

However, Huawei has since taken legal mitigation that seems to have given the company a temporary reprieve. The US Commerce Department has given Huawei a three month grace period. During which, the company is supposed to “

provide service and support, including software updates or patches, to existing Huawei handsets that were available to the public on or before May 16, 2019.”

The US Commerce Department temporary license also allows Huawei to maintain all its existing network equipment and be informed of any zero-day security vulnerabilities discovered. The license, however, is valid up to until August 19, 2019.

Those three months maybe just what Huawei needs to think up of a different approach to its impending apocalypse. Though, the company also announced plans to release a new mobile operating system to replace Android, and a new App Store to replace Google Play Store.

As to whether or not it will succeed, I would say the odds are against it succeeding. That is because Google runs the internet, except for social media. So, a phone without Gmail, Chrome, and YouTube among other Google apps will be a hard sell.

Felix Omondi

Kenyan citizen with a passion for writing for as long as I can remember. In my spare time, I like to blog and read up on trends that's happening around the world.

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