iPhone 8 Specs and Features Leaked out

iphone 8

There have been numerous news purporting to have the leakage on Apple’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8. It turns out, what you thought you know about the iPhone 8 from the leaks, might not be half the truth of the specs and features on this phone.

Well, forget all you have heard or read about the iPhone 8 and listen to the leak from within Apple. Apparently, there is a ‘disgruntled employee’ at the Cupertino company has released a treasure trove of information on the iPhone 8. Putting the rumors and guesses to rest, giving us ‘almost’ reliable leaks as follows:

Six Core Apple A11: As you may know, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus run on a six core A10 chip. Apple has fitted the next generation of the chip the A11 in the iPhone 8 but still with a six core design.

Wireless Charging: This is a feature that has been widely speculated to feature on the next iPhone, and it will be there, although with a small difference. The iPhone 8 will feature the Q1 wireless charging technology but will be incompatible with existing Q1-based chargers. It will require a licensed Apple Q1 wireless charging device with 7.5 watts rating that does not offer as fast charging as the existing Q1 standards.

True Tone Display: The iPhone 8 will come running iOS 11 and the device will feature the True Tone Display currently only available in the iPad Pro to give users a professional grade color accuracy.

Apple Pay via Face ID: It seems Touch ID is ‘so last century’ now for Apple, and in its place, the company is introducing Face ID with the iPhone 8. The Face ID technology will be used to authenticate Apple Pay transactions.

Smarter Power Button: Traditionally, the iPhone power button gives you basic functions like power on/wake/lock. The new improved and smarter power button on the iPhone 8 will give you extra features such as double pressing to activate ApplePay while pressing and holding it down will activate Siri. Activating Siri by pressing the power button will be useful, now that the home-button is no longer there.

Dual-Camera: Apple is also joining the dual-camera bandwagon with the iPhone 8. It will be the first iDevice to feature dual-camera.

Home Button is the new Home Bar: There will be a virtual bar sitting at the bottom of the iPhone 8 screen that will replace the home button. When you swipe it up, you close all opened apps and it returns you to the home screen.

3D Sensors on the Front: Apple has fitted a new 3D sensor on the front of the phone capable of sensing depth using a structured light receiver, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, front camera and structured light transmitters. This next level 3D Sensor will give iPhone 8 unrivaled facial recognition accuracy, which will enable users to have a richer experience while using Face ID and unlock their phone using selfies.

Improved Aspect Ratio: The phone will have a new resolution. IT seems Apple has adopted the 18.5:9 aspected ratio by Samsung for the iPhone 8 display. The phone will also have an increased native resolution of 2436×1125 pixels.

Black Bezels only: Regardless of which iPhone you buy, the front will always feature a black bezel. A deliberate move by Apple to hide the top notch when the phone is off.

Well, the above leak is from a reliable ‘disgruntled Apple employee,’ though we don’t expect it to be false or misleadinging. The truth of the matter shall be known tomorrow, September 12, 2017.

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