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JUMIA Côte d’Ivoire recommends improving key infrastructures for e-commerce in Africa

Africa Telecom People 2015

The Managing Director of JUMIA Côte d’Ivoire recommends improving key infrastructures for e-commerce in Africa

Francis Dufay, the Managing Director of JUMIA Côte d’Ivoire took part to the third panel at Africa Telecom People 2015 yesterday, speaking on the theme: “What Infrastructures for e-commerce in Africa? “. The Man at the helm of the largest e-commerce platform in Côte d’Ivoire is confident about the ability of existing infrastructure to foster the sector’s growth, provided they benefit from continuous improvement.

Devoted entirely to e-commerce, Africa Telecom People 2015 recorded the intervention of Francis Dufay to discuss the infrastructural requirements for e-commerce in Africa. Other members of the panel included Freddy Tchala CEO of MTN Côte d’Ivoire, Brice Dally, CEO of Valsch Consulting and Dominique Baron, President of Horus Telecom and Utilities. The four speakers engaged to draw up a compendium of the fundamental elements necessary for e-commerce in Africa.

At the head of JUMIA Côte d’Ivoire, Francis Dufay manages the largest player of the sector in the country. For him, it’s obvious, Côte d’Ivoire “has the basics of the different types of infrastructures” needed for e-commerce and “the challenge remains to improve each of these elements.” E-commerce is based on four key infrastructures: Internet, logistics, payment and the legal framework.

Although JUMIA managed to transcend the limitations inherent to each type of infrastructure, allowing it to route some 2,000 parcels daily, several points would benefit from qualitative evolutions; including:

Logistics with a need for; better roads, 3PL offering the highest quality of service at competitive prices and a more comprehensive addressing system.

Payment; where the widespread adoption of cashless payment methods such as mobile money for which JUMIA enjoys the expert support of MTN, should be encouraged.

The regulatory and organizational framework could benefit from more education for stakeholders for a better understanding of contractual implications.

And internet, whose penetration estimated at 8 million people in Côte d’Ivoire, remains curtailed.

Despite these necessary improvements, Francis Dufay is adamant that “e-commerce can exist in Côte d’Ivoire”. And the Government’s efforts as well as those of private actors such as MTN to extend the reach of the Internet or to regulate the sector and foster the adoption of electronic payment methods are valuable notes of hope. E-commerce has a bright future in Côte d’Ivoire. Its development will support employment and increase the purchasing power of the population, who will access more varied offers at more competitive prices.

The eleventh edition of the international exhibition for ICT, Africa Telecom People 2015, opened on Thursday 8th October at the Sofitel Hotel Ivoire in Abidjan on the theme “E-commerce in Africa: 2015, the year of takeoff? ” for two days.


JUMIA is Africa’s leading online shopping destination. Customers across the continent can shop amongst the widest assortment of high quality products at affordable prices – offering everything from fashion, consumer electronics, home appliances to beauty products. JUMIA was the first African company to win an award at the World Retail Awards 2013 in Paris as the “Best New Retail Launch” of the year.

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