Kaymu In Partnership With MTN Nigeria Launches Zero Rated Data Kaymu Mobile App

Kaymu In Partnership With MTN Nigeria Launches Zero Rated Data Kaymu Mobile App

If there is one thing that is seriously holding back e-commerce from thriving in the African markets, it is the high cost of Internet access. While many people across the continent are fast ditching their feature phones for the smartphone fitted with either 3G or 4G connection. The cost of accessing the Internet still has remained one of the biggest headaches for users looking to consume online digital products.

Kaymu Nigeria, an online marketplace where people can buy and sell products has partnered with MTN Nigeria to give users free data access to the e-commerce platform via their mobile app. The zero rated Kaymu mobile app will enable both sellers and buyers to access the online marketplace without having to pay for the Internet connection. This service will only be available to subscribers on the MTN Nigeria network only.

As cited by TechLoy, Kaymu MD, Sefik Bagdadioglu in a press statement said, “The decision to zero-rate data usage on the Kaymu mobile app is part of our strategic intent of offering a distinct customer experience and enhancing current marketplace community.”

This partnership will give access to more Nigerians to the over 300 products listed on Kaymu. Kaymu has also taken upon itself to scan regularly for illegal and malicious products that some unscrupulous sellers might be trying to sell via the online marketplace.

This action ensures that buyers browsing through the Kaymu catalogue always remain protected and safe from harmful or black market products. The online marketplace has launched the Kaymu mobile app on Android, iOS, and Blackberry platforms.

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