Kenya Government Working On A $2.5Bn Project To Make Internet Faster And Affordable

Kenya Government Working On A $2.5Bn Project To Make Internet Faster And Affordable

Stats have it that the local Kenya mobile subscription base stands at 32 million; one of the highest mobile penetration in the region. The telecommunication industry has recorded an exponential growth in terms of voice, data and broadcasting services over the last decade.

To further enhance this achievement and maintain that growth trajectory, the Kenyan government is embarking on a Ksh. 224.7 billion ($2.5 billion) project. That will see more Kenyans have access to high-speed broadband at affordable prices throughout the country. The project will enable Internet Service Providers to lower their data transmission charges.

As per this year’s quarter to June, Kenya’s total internet bandwidth stood at 847,464Mbps. The consumptions levels only reached 436,016Mbps, translating to about 51% utilization.

Back in 2013, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), in partnership with local stakeholders in ICT, developed the National Broadband Strategy. Whereby, Kenya targets to get the national minimum internet speed to stand at 5Mbps by the year 2017 and 500Mbps by 2030.

For the country to realize its growth targets, we shall require funding of $2.5 billion (Ksh.224.7 billion), an amount that is beyond any single organization and only realizable through contributions from many stakeholders over a period of time,” said, Joseph Tiampati, the ICT Principal Secretary.

The Kenya’s ICT industry currently has no regulatory framework with regards to infrastructure sharing. This has led to duplication in the construction of access roads, ducts and towers.

I wish to urge operators to promote orderly development and avoid unnecessary duplication of infrastructure. As efforts to extend services to rural areas are intensified, we will work closely with county governments to facilitate site acquisition and minimize the numerous demands that work against last-mile connectivity,” added Tiampati.

The Kenyan government is currently working out a way, in which conduits can be used by data operators along networks adjustment to roads.

The chairman of the CA board, Ben Gituku added, “We will soon be floating open tender for the rolling out of community broadband projects in two counties, and the establishment of 46 e-Resource Centers in Kenya National Library Services facilities across the country.”

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