KnocKnockAfrica The One-Stop Online Marketplace Connecting African Entrepreneurs To USA Market

KnockKnockAfrica The One-Stop Online Marketplace Connecting African Entrepreneurs To USA Market

KnocKnockAfrica wants to become the première e-commerce platform that stocks marketable consumer products made from Africa, by Africans and inspired by Africa. The platform wants to bridge the existing gap between African merchants and the North America market by providing them a direct link through an e-commerce platform.

KnocKnockAfrica will not only provide an online marketplace where African entrepreneurs can sell to the North America’s consumers. But also provide the entrepreneurs with the needed technical skill necessary to successfully venture into the US market; such as branding solutions.

The platform will give vendors integrated marketing solutions, thus eliminating the need for them to carry out marketing and promotional campaign on their own, albeit at restive costs to the individual entrepreneur. Instead the vendors will only focus on the production end and not on the marketing bit, thus giving them more room to concentrate on the quality of their products.

In a summary, KnocKnockAfrica touts itself as:

The one-stop shop to an African experience

Give African marketable and quality products from verified vendors/suppliers access to US consumers

Provides solutions to the limitations facing Africa-to-USA SMEs trade

The platform just recently launched and are already registering vendors under various categories from agricultural products, fashion, and lifestyle products. The platform is expected to go live by the end of this month. If you are an African merchant and you would like to venture into the US market, without all the current bottlenecks. This is your big break, register yourself with KnocKnockAfrica today and have your product showcased to the North American market when they go live.

After extensive International affairs experience, I knew that African SMEs and products would be sidelined if we did not offer scalable and wholesome solutions to be integrated in the Globalized world. Think 3Dprinting and other platforms that are dedicated to overwhelming the markets with Made in X products – where would African producers, creators, and manufacturers be? has been our solution to this identified problem – we want to create the space for Made in Africa [country] products and works” – said Rahel Getachew, the Founder and Managing Director of KnocKnockAfrica.

To register yourself and to get more information, head to You can also catch up on social media via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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