LMcable – a microUSB cable that doubles up as Lightning Cable to charge both Android and iPhone at the same time

We all long for the day USB Type C, or USB C if you like, replaces every charging cord that we are now forced to wrangle up every day for charging and transferring data. For now, if you own both an iOS and Android device, you will have to bring with you both a microUSB and lightning cable. All the more cables, all the more tangled you becomeL.

However, there is a solution if you don’t want to bring with you too many cables. If you want just one cable to charge them all, there are numerous third-party option for cables that can work on iOS and Android devices at the same time. Though they all come with an adapter, which you get to stick to one end to change the microUSB to Lightning.

If you are unlucky enough to lose or leave behind the adapter, all you will have is just a really expensive microUSB cable that only charges your Android device. Leaving your iPhone and/or iPad dead.

Introducing the LMcable – one cable to charge them all

LMcable presents an innovative solution to just having one cable to charge both your Android and iOS devices. And no, it does not come with the pesky adapter to transform a microUSB cable to a Lightning cable.

The LMcable is a 2-in-1 connector that can fit both in an Android and iOS device at the same time, without the need for fancy adapters. The cable can be used to charge the devices, as well as transferring data when connected to a computer.

Before USB C becomes available to everyone – it will work across devices powered by iOS, Android, Windows, and just about any other platform – LMcable will do just fine as it works across all our mobile devices.

The only problem with LMcable is that it not yet available on the shelves; it has not even begun mass production. It is currently on a campaign to start its life on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform for raising funds to undertake a project. The campaign is seeking $5,000, but it has already garnered more than its modest wish.

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