When Logistics of Finding a Venue becomes daunting, VenueHero makes it possible at the Click of a Button

Planning an event sometimes is a very daunting task. Especially for the majority of us who do not earn a living as a professional event planner. The logistics involved with locating, and booking the right venue can be a headache. VenueHero wants to make things a lot easier for you.

So much so that the next time you are looking to plan for an event, you simply take out your smartphone or tablet, few screen tabs here and there. Voila! You booked yourself an appropriate venue and at the best market price.

This service is especially useful when you are organizing for an event that will take place outside your city or country, of residence. You will spare yourself not only the trouble and cost of having to travel but also your work or activities in your city or country of residence will not stall.

About VenueHero

It is a new Nigeria-based startup that went live in June seeking to give users the ability to confirm availability and make the booking online. The service also allows users to discover new venues, make secure payments online, and even do bank transfers.

The platform list different venues suitable for various types of events ranging from traditional wedding space to non-traditional spaces, children’s playgrounds, children parties, sports meeting spaces, corporate meeting spaces, training spaces, and corporate meeting spaces among others.

How VenueHero works

It uses a computer algorithm to give user very competitive prices for the many different venues. They say their prices are unrivaled especially if you were to compare the prices you would get by going directly to the venue owners.

On VenueHero.co, you can search through their easy to use catalog of venues, and find ones billed in hours or per day. It also gives you the ability to search through the catalog based on the type of the event you are holding, and the location. You can further refine your search for better results. It also gives you the option of paying a deposit on a venue first, for venue owners that accept that kind of arrangement.

You can have a spin at it, by heading to their site, VenueHero.co.

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