Looking for that Best Back-to-School Laptop Backpack? Try any of these top 10

Looking for that Best Back-to-School Laptop Backpack? Try any of these top 10

College life is a twist-and-turn of a whole myriad of things, though some days are better than others. But we all know of those serious days, when you look on your schedule and you have classes running back-to-back. For your back-to-school gift, innov8tiv has listed some ten bags that will help you haul your laptop, books, food, and other tech gizmos from class to class. And all in a sturdy backpack that won’t snap from your shoulder backs and send your expensive laptop smashing into the concrete.

We also appreciate the fact that a backpack, other than the fact it needs to be strong and study, it is after all a fashion statement. Just like any other clothing you will be wearing around campus. We believe this list covers the best backpacks both in terms of functionality and fashion. That said, below we go:

#1 – Osprey Comet [$79.99 on Amazon]

If you know you will be spending most of your free time outdoors, get yourself this lightweight backpack that comes with a 30 liters capacity. Enough for your laptop, a couple of textbooks, notebooks, folders. You might already know Osprey is a well known outdoor gears brand, but this particular backpack doubles up as a school bag.

It comes with padded compartments for tablet and laptop. On the front-panel, it has an organization pocket. It comes in a variety of colors; navy blue, pistachio green, and robust red.

#2 – Alienware 17-inch Vindicator Backpack [$129.99]

When it comes to gaming, the bigger the display the more rewarding it gets. And laptop gaming is great as it allows you to move with your games wherever you get the time and space to do so. But hauling around a 17-inch gaming rig can be quite tasking, especially when you consider that during the design of these laptops, leanness and lightweight is an afterthought.

The 17-inch Alienware Vindicator 2.0 Backpack is one in a short-list of backpacks up to the task of hauling around a 17-inch gaming rig. The backpack is fitted with an armored back panel, which helps protect your rig and it is also weather-resistant with reinforce base. It also has padded sections and a separate section for the power adapters. There is also a version for the 13 and 15-inched versions too.

#3 – Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack [$21.99]

For the fashion-conscious, this is the backpack you want. The fabric look quite fashion forward, like one of them denim jeans you’d see models in magazine wearing. The denim jeans is accented with brown leather to mix perfectly yet be functional and have roomy interiors.

It also has add-ons like the honey-comb cushions on tis straps and an outwards facing USB port to charge your smartphone while walking. Though it does not come with a power bank, it is designed to comfortably carry one and allow you charge as you walk.

#4 – Herschel Supply Co. Heritage Backpack [$48.88]

Perhaps a classical on this list, the Herschel Supply Co. Heritage is a timeless, refined designed. This backpack comes with a slot that can hold a 15-inch laptop and another one on the front pocket where you can keep smaller items such as keys, electronics, and other supplies.

#5 – Kopack Slim Backpack [$30.99]

If you want a clean, simple appearance, then the Kopack Slim backpack is for you. But don’t let the simple appearance fool you. on the inside, this backpack is a feature-rich business backpack that is functional and stylish.

It also comes with a USB cable and enough room to tuck away a 17-inch laptop. As a student, you will be glad to know the backpack comes with a front pocket with several organizers, and punctured. The fabric is also water resistant. The backpack design also makes it theft-proof.

#6 – Timbuk2 Especial Tres Backpack [$209.00]

For the simple guy who like simple things, the Timbuk2 Especial Tres backpack is for you. It comes with one huge main compartment that is water-resistant. The compartment has a roll-top opening. It has a separate divider for a 15-inch laptop.

The bag is made up of ripstop nylon complete with cooling panel. It was designed with cyclists in mind.

#7 – HP Powerup Backpack ($140.04)

If you are looking for a backpack that easily enables you charge your devices while you are on the move. The bag comes in with a 22400 mAh powerbank that can charge up to three devices. It can power up two USB-powered devices like smartphones and tablets. The third one uses a barrel-shaped connector for HP laptops. That means, if you own any other laptop other than a HP laptop, you’re probably not going to exploit the full advantages of this backpack.

#8 – eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack [$119.99]

A big backpack that takes all your stuff might sound like a really good idea, until you walk in the school ground looking like a camper. So you rather go for a functional smaller backpack that carries everything you need.

The eBags Professional Slim Laptop bag is slim, stylish, and has many compartments for all your devices and school supplies. The bag came with a crush-proof AC adapter ‘garage’ on on the front panel, an organizer. And for its expensive price, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

#9 – Kaukko 22.4L Rucksack Backpack

By the look it resembles the classy Herschel bags up there, but with a great focus on comfort. It has a big, soft pad, and a very comfortable shoulder straps to reside on your neck.

The bag comes in 20 different colors and material combinations. There are few free packs as well like pencils that match the shade and cloth of the backpack.

#10 – JanSport Right Pack [$60.00}

This bag is quite iconic, and comes in so many colors and you can use it to haul just about everything around; within reason of course. For the aesthetics, it has a suede leather at the bottom, it also has padded shoulder straps.

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