MailCliq: Nigeria’s First Email Newsletter Platform

MailCliq: Nigeria’s First Email Newsletter Platform
Email marketing, newsletter and bulk promotion of sales and services through emails is regarded as the apex of online marketing these days. Reaching thousands of potential clients within a few clicks is a phenomena in itself that has jangled the marketing industry around the globe in an amazing way. You can reach thousands of people beyond boundaries, tell about your services and products within minutes, interact and network with people you can never imagined reaching on the ground are only some of the marketing benefits achieved by bulk emailing for marketing. But, with great benefits come great responsibility. A spam-less, guaranteed bulk emailing and newsletter services are scarce to find these days. We have an amazing new startup to share with you today which is Nigeria’s first email marketing step in the right direction.

MailCliq offers services for launching email campaigns, delivering newsletters, messages and much more in the best price packages available in the town. MailCliq email service uses multi-threading at the back end which dedicate the resource allocation process using the smart methods of distributed computing, making it possible to deliver “as many email as you want” with a cent percent guaranteed delivery. No bounce backs, no auto-generated ugly messages showing you the wastage of your hours of hard work and mail compilation of lists.

MailCliq services doesn’t only provide you easy service for Email marketing, you can also view the results and plan new marketing and business strategies using the alluring “visualization of marketing emails” feature of MailCliq. You can view and visualize opens, clicks, bounces, complaints and countries with charts & data. You can also re-target accurately by exporting segments of subscribers from your report.

Automatic responders, mass and bulk handling of errors, requests, smart replies, instant messaging, mass import/delete subscribers, custom fields, single/double opt-in, custom subscribe/unsubscribe confirmation page are some of the paramount features of MailCliq.

MailCliq has a great anti-spam policy, depleting all the risks of content infringements, useless spamming, Denial-of-Service attacks through emails and many other sorts of e-crimes. The best and peculiar thing which makes MailCliq different from others is its amazing pricing package, which makes it the best bang for your bucks. The payment methods and procedures are as easy as pie and to tackle the emerging markets, MailCliq will soon accept currencies from all over the world apart from United States Dollar (USD) or Nigerian Naira (NGN) which are accepted by MailCliq now.

Check out the MailCliq website for more technical details, pricing, features and contact details.

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