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Meet Victor Mutinda, the Business Development Director at WebWorks Africa Limited

Meet Victor Mutinda, the Business Development Director at WebWorks Africa Limited

Webworks Africa is a Nairobi-based tech company that was incorporated back in August 2013. Webworks Africa deals in Website Designing, 3D Animation, Software Development, Social Media Management, Domain hosting, Bulk SMS systems and Branding.

Innov8tiv ran into the Business Development Director of WebWorks Africa Ltd. and heard his inspiring entrepreneurial journey, and we decided that Victor’s story might inspire other startup entrepreneurs out there. Here is our exclusive interview with the Business Development Director of WebWorks Africa Ltd.


  1. Tell us about yourself.

My name is Victor Mutinda, I am the Business Development Director, my role in the company is to ensure that the company remains relevant in the market by establishing business relations and working closely with the entire team to deliver customer satisfactory results.

I am tasked with the responsibility to establish new ideas that will grow the company and ensure profitability and being the major shareholder in the company, I make most of the crucial decisions in the company in consultation with my other directors.

  1. Tell us about Webworks Africa Limited.

Webworks Africa Limited is a duly registered limited liability company that has grown to be among the leading digital solution companies in Africa. We bring a unique blend of services and opportunities to the market. Our offerings are defined around the unique needs of our clients and their ever changing markets.

We provide each of our valued clients the personal attention required to achieve breakthrough results. Webworks strives to offer a world-class business

that ensures on quality, on time and on quality service delivery for our clients. We handle Website Design and development, Software Development, Web Hosting and Domain registration, 3d Animation and Social Media Management and Marketing.
  1. What drove you to a career in technology?

Technology is one field that is growing very fast in Africa and to be specific Kenya. We wanted to be among the key players and drivers in the technology field and so far we are glad that we are achieving that, not only in Kenya but in Africa at large since our clientele spans from all over Africa.

  1. What has been your greatest challenge so far?

Our greatest challenge so far has been competition and lack of trust businesswise from people because the

firm is composed of young people. It was difficult to get some jobs because of people could not trust that we could handle it effectively because we are young, but with time people have started recognizing that also the young people can perform when called upon to do so.

  1. Who is your role model and why?

My role model would my future self. Hehe! I believe I will achieve all my goals and that makes me envy myself the more, not being full of myself but learning that the one person you have to conquer to conquer the world is yourself.

  1. What is your career advice for youths in Kenya and around the world entering the tech scene?

Never enter anything for the love of money. If it is what you love, then go for it. Do something you love and you will never work for the rest of your life. And in business, you have to choose one, either have success or have fun, but you cannot have both. You can only have fun after success but not success after fun.

Now with over one year in business, WebWork Africa Ltd. has a lot of impressive results to show for. The ‘Portfolio’ section of the company’s site showcases previous works the company has done for clients from different parts of Kenya. Below is a sample video of a 3D Animation, from WebWorks Africa Ltd:

For more information about Victor Mutinda and his company, Webworks Africa Ltd. follow this link.

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