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Michelle Atagana Does A Roundup Of Her Experience As An Editor On The African Tech Scene

Michelle Atagana Does A Roundup Of Her Experience As An Editor On The African Tech Scene

Michelle Atagana, a Managing Editor at has immersed herself deep into the African tech scene for four years now. In her time as a writer focusing on tech development on the African continent, she has come across, written about and interacted with many tech startups, innovation hubs and entrepreneurship initiatives from all over the continent.

In a publication that would be her last as an editor at

, Michelle did a roundup of things she has learned working as an editor on the front of the African tech-scene.

Below, we highlight the issues Michelle summed up, in her post featured on October 31st on

Africa Needs A New Approach To Women In Tech

She draws the conclusion that the women in tech movement in Africa are only focusing on women and are hell-bent to prove women to be geeks. In frustrations she says; this has got to stop. Adding that in order to promote gender equality truly on the African tech scene, men must be included.

African Developers Are On The Rise

Michelle without fear of contradiction confirms that the pool of developers in Africa is on the rise. She says that the majority of these developers are self-taught and innovative African startups. Michelle predicts that in the not-so-distant future, Africa is going to be the next big destination for technical work outsourcing.

Mushrooming of Tech Hubs

The African continent has been experiencing an upsurge of tech-activity, which has led to numerous tech hubs mushrooming up all over the continent. This is being taken as a very encouraging development as it is these tech hubs that support startup tech entrepreneurs.

Government backed-initiatives and collaboration

African governments have to come of age like the Israeli and other world governments, tt’s time they recognize that technology and entrepreneurship as the key pillars of an industrialized economy.

Showcasing ‘Built in Africa.’

In her time as an editor, Michelle has set herself out to tell Africa’s untold stories in the Built in Africa series on Ventureburn.

No Need for self-proclaimed gurus


has a bone to pick with the self-proclaimed gurus, who have nothing to show for as ‘gurus’ in terms of changing the lives of people around them. She says that the African consumer is a multifaced and complicated individual who will not fit a one-size-fits-all solution.

For more on what Michelle Atagana has to say about the African tech scene. Follow this link.

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