Microsoft’s New Tool Will Help Developers Convert iOS, Android Apps to Windows Phone Apps

Microsoft has announced some huge announcements just moments ago in its much-awaited BUILD developers conference 2015. The Redmond giant has said that it will allow app developers to duplicate iOS apps in Windows 10. For this, the company is developing a tool which will allow the app developers to reuse the Objective-C code and convert it to make the same app for Windows 10. This is a huge announcement which could have a massive impact on the mobile industry. This announcement is not limited to iOS apps.

Microsoft says that it will make it easy for the Android developers to reuse their app code made in Android, JAVA and C to convert and port it to make Windows phone apps. Microsoft will give APIs, Tile APIs, third party app services and all the necessary toolkits to the developers.

This is a huge step by Microsoft in the right direction. This would allow the developers to simply make copies of their Android and iOS apps for Windows Phones. Microsoft says that the apps could be ported across different platforms with very few changes. That means we are about to see some awesome apps on the Windows app store as well, which was up till now, pretty sloppy.

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