Multi-Factor Authentication is the future as 81% of hacking cases are because of stolen or weak passwords

Multi-Factor Authentication password

Some of you reading this post have your passwords across multiple accounts as simply ‘password’ or ‘124869’. That is why hackers are having a field day on the internet hacking people’s account. For the more cautious users, you might have a strong password that mixes up text, numbers, symbols, empty space. However, that strong password is not foolproof. Hackers have been known to still find a way through the so-called strong passwords.

It is for such reasons that cybersecurity experts are working towards phasing out passwords in the near future. In its place will come mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) authentication as two more additional layers to the traditional password authentication. So it will be a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

As it stands right now, cybercriminals are increasingly becoming advanced, and no single security method will be sufficient. As it will only be a matter of time before they find a way to hack it. However, when you combine different security methods, you throw in the spanner in their hacking works, as the dynamics are many and more laborious to hack through.

Therefore cybersecurity experts are rooting for a hybrid MFA where mobile, IoT, biometrics, and traditional passwords are combined. In reality, such a security method will not be user-friendly, as most people like getting onto their computer or smartphone and instantly access their accounts. When you introduced complicated security methods to the equation, you make user experience go some notches down.

It, therefore, falls upon you (the end user) to decide what you want. Do you want to remain secure online but have to deal with the constant need for an elaborate process of authentication? Or, do you want to fast login to your account, but make it easy for would-be hackers to access your account.

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