nHub Nigeria has launched remote outsourcing services to provide jobs online to talented developers


nHub Nigeria, the innovation spaces based in Jos, has launched an online outsourcing service that marches skilled developers to companies and organizations seeking their services. A move hailed progressive given it will give jobless youth a source of income and deter them from seeking to travel abroad in search for livelihood.

We thought that would be robbing the state of these talents. Also, because we want these trained youths to be mentors to upcoming youths, sending them out is not going to sustain the ecosystem,” said Daser David, co-founder, and CEO of nHub Nigeria.

Our best bet is to offer them on remote placements, knowing that we would still have them to inspire the next cohorts. So we took this option. This year alone we have received calls on a daily basis for their services.”

David and team say their started nHub Nigeria with the intention of building up a pool of talented Nigerians in technology. Now that the pool is beginning to fill up, it is time they began marching the talented youths with work, and online remote work seems most convenient for both the employer and the job seekers.

nHub Nigeria is also targeting markets like Lagos, and Abuja where there are a lot of commercial activities with businesses looking to digitize their operations. Hence the demand for skilled ICT professionals.

nHub has officially launched the program, and it is up and running with a new office set up to cater for the marching of the developers working remotely with the companies in search of their services. David reiterates that the program was part of nHub’ long-term strategy. nHub reveals that they already have 32 developers both from within and outside the country ready to take up the works.

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