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No Africans Allowed After 5pm!! A Chinese Restaurant Policy In Kenya

No Africans Allowed After 5pm!! A Chinese Restaurant Policy In Kenya

The city is Nairobi, the country is Kenya, and the continent is Africa. However, one restaurant located at the junction of Lenana and Galana roads in Nairobi, Kenya, has put in place a policy that bars Africans from accessing the restaurant after 5pm.

According to a local Kenyan daily, the restaurant is known as the Chinese Restaurant. The restaurant relation manager, Esther Zhao said that the ‘No Africans after 5pm’ policy came into effect after robbers armed with guns raided the restaurant. The robbers fled away with Ksh 600,000 ($6,534) and some possessions belonging to the customers.

Ever since, the Chinese Restaurant has denied Africans from dining at the restaurant after 5 o’clock. However, the Chinese Restaurant has a list of Africans who are exempt from this policy and can eat at the restaurant even past 5pm. Some of the exempted Africans on the Chinese Restaurant’s list is said to include Nairobi Senator Mbuvi Gideon Kioko and former cabinet minister Raphael Tuju.

If you are an African and you are not on the exempted list, you will not be allowed access to the Chinese restaurant. Not even if you are formers CS of Interior Coordination of National Government, Joseph Ole Lenku and former Education PS, Joseph Ole Kiyapi. Who are both said to have been refused entrance at the Chinese Restaurant because they are Africans.

The restaurant is said to be considering starting a membership scheme that will only see their loyal African customers given cards that will allow them entrance to the restaurant after 5pm.

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