Obama Assures the People of #Flint that their Water Crisis will be Resolved

Obama visited #Flint, MI, to address the people’s concerns about the contaminated water. The water is believed to contain traces of lead. Knowing this, Obama urged parents to get their children tested. He also assured the people of Flint that as long as their water was properly filtered, it was safe to drink. He believes their concerns and fears are justified, but tells them to have faith and not use this crisis as an excuse to not expect great things from them.
What people are tweeting:
 Watch: President Obama speaks at Flint, Michigan, about city’s lead crisis – Vox

— Flint News (@NewsInFlint) May 5, 2016


“People… were essentially betrayed by all these agencies that were supposed to protect them.” @detroitnews #Flint

— Friends of the Earth (@foe_us) May 5, 2016


I encourage all of you to go watch Obama’s dainty sip of that #Flint water. He wanted no part of it.

— #AnyOfTheAbove2016 (@bfinstock) May 5, 2016


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