Olajumoke, The Photobomber That Intrigued The Lens, So Much So She Landed A Modelling Contract

Olajumoke, The Photobomber That Intrigued The Lens, So Much So She Landed A Modeling Contract

If there is one thing celebrities and professional photographers hate the most during a photoshoot, is a random person walking into the set and ruining their ‘Kodak moment’. That is just something that can work up photographer’s last nerves sending them on a cursing rampage towards the photobomber.

That is exactly what happened to Nigerian singer and rapper Tinie Tempah during a photoshoot on his recent trip back to Nigeria. He was doing the photo shoot with singer and photographer Ty Bello, when this 27-year-old woman, Olajumoke Orisaguna walked into the set and photobombed Tempah’s shoot.

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The photobomb that could have been tragic turned into a blessing in disguise. As the photobomber, Olajumoke had this flair about her that intrigued the lenses, and the camera loved her. Yes, she was your typical local street seller you would find going around the street in a Nigerian city trying to make a living. However, on this occasion, she happened to walk down the right street at the right time, and she did so with this enchanting flair that made Ty Bello immediately see potential in her.

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As Bello says in her Instagram account, after the photo shoot, she tracked down the anonymous photobomber, in a search that sounds much like the Cinderella’s story. Except this was not a Disney creation, and Bello had no magical shoe but photobombed pictures to use in the search for this Nigerian ‘Cinderella’.

Bello successfully managed to track down the 27-year-old mother of two Olajumoke and called on other three artists Bimpe Onakoya the makeup artists, Zubby Definition the hair stylist and Ema Edosio who did a short documentary on her. All of these three artists agreed with Bello on the spot that Olajumoke had a flair about her that could make her a great model.

The professional artists took Olajumoke to the studio, where this time the lenses were not accidentally focusing on her. The products were fantastic pictures that experienced photographer had described as “amazing shoot with her.”

Although Olajumoke does not speak English well, but below is an Instagram video by Ty Bello of her telling her story.

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