Online Gambling Sites!? How Do I know which are Scams, which are Legit?

Online Gambling Sites!? How Do I know which are Scams, which are Legit?

Did you know that by the year 1997, the online gambling industry in America generated some $200 million? Although the industry has had several rough interactions with several states legislation across the country. Online gambling sites today are being forecasted to generate at least one billion dollars annually.

Online Gambling Real Money

Thousands of people are cashing in on online gambling every day. Sadly, it is not always a case of a gambler winning a stash of cash from an online casino. There are many incidences of people being conned out of their hard-earned cash by fake online casinos.

Sometimes that happens because the odds for the online casino games are stuck so high against the gambler. In other instances, the online casino could be outright fraud. They will never pay out the prize money in the few cases a gambler beats their odds to win the online game.

In some instances, they could be hackers masquerading as online casinos. But their sole intention would be to steal your private information such as bank details, credit card information, and other online account login credentials.

While the gambling in online gambling might be virtual, the risks are real with real money being lost, by real people leading to lives in the real world being destroyed. Gambling frauds claimed so many victims that several States across the U.S. had banned gambling online for a while.

How is helping you gamble safely online

However, online gambling prohibition laws were repealed in 2018. Thanks to new rules and regulations set in place to govern the operations of online casinos in the U.S. These days, every online casino needs a license to operate in America legally.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t automatically guarantee you as a gambler that you are on the best online gambling site available. These sites fall along the spectrum with good and evil at opposite ends regardless. There are those sites operating legally – complete with a license – that will leave you crying, while others see you smiling to the bank.

So how can you tell, which is the right online gambling casino for you? A smart person will not test these gambling waters by jumping in with both feet. Why would you need to when you have a click away?

Think of as the Yelp for online casinos; but more along the lines of having an independent expert in matters online gambling giving their reviews. At the website, you will get a treasure trove of information on all the major online casino games and the online casino legalities. At which point, you will make informed decisions on where you will be gambling your money. A section of the ‘About Us’ page CasinoTalk website reads in part:

CasinoTalk’s mission is to guide players to make educated decisions while gambling for real money online in the US. This is carried out by providing our visitors with relevant news, online casino reviews from independent casino experts and daily updates on promotions and bonus offers, along with updated guides on all US legislative regulations for every state.”

Before you Start Gambling do Due Diligence

When you type in ‘online casino, online casino games, online gambling,’ or anything along those lines. You will be met by hundreds after hundreds of websites. As a newbie, you might not know the sites you ought to stay away from, and those you can gamble on. is your training wheels to your path to becoming a successful gambler online. They will show you the pitfalls to avoid and the sites to gamble on, the tips and tricks for playing certain online casino games, and so much more.

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