Outsourcing to Ukraine: 7 Reasons to Hire Ukrainian Software Developers for IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing to Ukraine: 7 Reasons to Hire Ukrainian Software Developers for IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing software development is becoming more and more popular. But where to outsource? And what criteria can help you when comparing and choosing outsourcing destinations? In this article, we are going to answer these questions and share 7 reasons to hire offshore software development team in Ukraine.

Why is outsourcing to Ukraine so popular?

IT outsourcing in Ukraine offers a wide range of solutions for different software development requirements. Most developers have years of experience and collections of successful projects in their portfolios. And the number of skilled specialists is growing together with the IT industry itself. Ukrainian outsourcing companies always try to improve the working environment and the services they offer. Compared to other countries Ukraine has a lot of advantages in terms of work ethic, IT network, and location. That’s why it attracts so many foreign companies like Google, Grammarly, Samsung, etc. In fact, Grammarly was actually created by three Ukrainian entrepreneurs. And it now has offices in both Kyiv and San Francisco. Ukraine shows outstanding results in software development and is recognized as the top choice for IT outsourcing. 

Companies that decide to outsource software development want to be sure of their destination choice. Let’s find out reasons why Ukraine is a top destination for outsourcing.

Reason 1: Tech Education

Ukraine is well-known for its high-quality technical education. For example, engineering universities in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Lviv are very good and recognized all around the world. And now IT companies partner universities to develop curricula to keep students’ knowledge relevant in the rapidly changing market. Also, a lot of developers have a Ph.D. in engineering, which makes them ready to solve even the most complex tasks.

However, not all developers have a technical background. There are many who have a degree in humanities or natural science. And this is great because you can hire experts with diverse knowledge. If you want to build a startup that will study mutations in protein structures, it is likely that in Ukraine you’ll find software developers with a degree in biochemistry. No need to explain that their contribution can be a clincher.

Professionals in Ukraine also like to share experiences, create narrowly specialized courses, and speak at conferences. So developers have the opportunity to constantly improve their skills.

Ukrainian software developers are good at solving problems, working with difficult tasks, and thinking outside the box. They are highly attentive to details and don’t give up until getting the right results. Ukrainian developers are very independent and always know how to communicate with the team and customers.

The software development market in Ukraine mostly focuses on the most popular programming languages – Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, and PHP. However, you can also find professionals in rare or new technologies, such as Skala, Flutter, etc. Also, Ukrainian developers are easily catching up with global trends and quickly adapting to the changing environment.

A lot of IT companies also provide their employees with courses or internships to help them improve their skills and acquire relevant knowledge. It helps with adapting their skill set to constantly changing technologies in the modern world and shows how to work with and solve modern problems. Ukrainian IT companies value efficient work and because of that, they do everything for improving the tech and soft skills of their employees.

Reason 2: Price and Quality

When talking about reasons for outsourcing to Ukraine, we have to mention the price and quality ratio. The IT industry is quite popular and respectable in Ukraine, this is also one of the well-paid professions. Because of this a lot of people do their best to become a good developer. Ukraine software engineers have high-end skills in different technologies. The skill assessment resource SkillValue put Ukraine in the 8th place among the world’s top countries with the best programmers.

Ukrainian IT companies usually are more focused on establishing good long-term relationships with their clients and prefer straightforward communication. They are ready to discuss both success and troubles during project development and look for effective solutions and these qualities are very important when outsourcing software development.

There are over 1,000 software development companies with more than 160,000 IT specialists in Ukraine. And the numbers are growing. Ukrainian developers usually charge between $25-$70/hour, which is less than in the USA ($160+/hour) or other European countries ($90-$140/hour). The low rates don’t mean poor quality of the services: Ukrainian developers know how to do their job and do it quickly without compromising quality.

Reason 3: English Knowledge

You are probably worried about how to communicate with Ukrainians while outsourcing software development. That’s reasonable since you speak two completely different languages. But there are no reasons for worries because Ukrainians speak English pretty well. A lot of IT companies offer free English lessons to motivate their employees to improve their command of the language. Because of that most Ukrainian software developers have intermediate or upper-intermediate English skills. Their knowledge of English allows them to communicate and cooperate with teams from different countries directly.

Also, a Project Manager can resolve many issues. In Ukraine, only a candidate with an Advanced+ level of English can get the job as an IT Project Manager. This person can establish excellent communication between the client and the development team.

Reason 4: Location

When talking about the advantages of software outsourcing to Ukraine, we couldn’t forget about its location. Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. There are many direct flights connecting Ukraine with North America, Australia, European countries. For example, a flight from London to Kyiv will take approximately 4-5 hours, from Berlin 2-3 hours, from New York 10-13 hours, and from Toronto 11-14 hours. Additionally, there are a lot of domestic flights across Ukraine connecting Kyiv with major IT cities such as Dnipro, Lviv, Kharkiv. So if you decide to meet your software development team personally, there won’t be any trouble.

Reason 5: Time Zone 

Different time zones are often the reason why many people are not sure about outsourcing software development. Having different time zones with your employees can cause misunderstandings, delays, and unwanted problems in the work process. But Ukraine is only one to two hours ahead of European countries, which makes it easy to communicate and work together.

The time difference between Ukraine and New York is 7 hours and between Ukraine and San Francisco – 10 hours. But it never becomes an issue for a successful work process. Ukrainian development teams are very flexible and you can always agree on a working schedule that overlaps with yours for at least a few hours.

Ukrainian teams often work between 11.00 and 20.00. At this time, it’s 4.00 till 13.00 in New York. As you see, half of the working time overlaps each day.

Now you see that it’s completely possible to outsource software development to Ukraine and easy to schedule calls, messaging, meetings through Skype, Slack, Hangouts, etc.

Reason 6: Tech Community

The tech community in Ukraine is quite big. There are many software developers who are active in online and offline communities but there are also a lot of major conferences and events that take place in Ukraine every year. Developers in Ukraine are open to attending meetups and many travel to other countries for global IT events as well.

This undoubtedly shows that software development and software engineering in Ukraine is always improving and people who work in this field are members of a strong tech community.

Reason 7: Work Ethic

Ukrainians have the ability to find a common language with clients from around the world. Ukrainian IT companies always put client’s needs first and know the right work ethic, which results in better project results. Due to differences in culture and religion, software development offshoring may be associated with problems, communication issues, etc. But with Ukrainians, you will be on the same page. It is easy to work with Ukrainians because it’s a European country with traditions and behavior rules that are very similar to European and North American ones. Ukrainian software developers are easy to communicate and work with. They are always serious regarding their work and take full responsibility for what they do during the work process. They strive to make every project as good as possible. Ukrainian developers always listen to the client and put effort not only into project success but also in the right work relationships in the development team and with clients.

Hire Ukrainian developers

Nowadays it is easier than ever to find remote specialists for your project. You are now familiar with the reasons why so many companies use software development outsourcing to Ukraine. Now you may be thinking about how to hire Ukrainian developers. For this, we provide you with steps to take for successful IT outsourcing to Ukraine.

Check outsourcing rates

Ukraine’s outsourcing rates make it one of the most popular IT centers in all Eastern Europe. Although a reasonable price is the first thing that attracts clients, we are sure that you don’t have any plans to sacrifice your project’s success just to cut down the costs. The hourly or fixed rates charged in Ukraine are much lower when compared to other countries, but the quality of Ukrainian software developer’s works fully justifies itself and shows the best results according to global standards.

But keep in mind that IT outsourcing success strongly relies on your requirements regarding experience, desired skill set, use of technology, and project deadlines. So make your homework first.

Select an Outsourcing Vendor

Even though there are options for hiring freelance software developers, it is better to select an outsourcing agency for your software development. There are many benefits of having a software outsourcing vendor.

  • You don’t have to spend your time during the hiring process – the company supplies the whole software development team
  • You’ll have better candidates with the required skills
  • Increased efficiency
  • It lets you save money
  • Increases the overall success of your project
  • The agency cares for its reputation so they make their best to satisfy every client

Choose a Collaboration Model

There are two types of collaboration models to choose from:

  1. Team Extension
  2. Product Development

What is a team extension model?

The team extension model is used when a customer already has his software development team that works on a project, but he needs specific expertise, so he hires people remotely to extend his existing team.

Product development model

The product development model is good for businesses who want to create their own products. It allows hiring a team to build an application from scratch.

Wrapping up

While choosing the country for outsourcing, it is important to be sure about which one you choose. Ukraine is an incredibly popular choice for IT outsourcing. There is a good and skilled specialist for your every need and request, whether you want to build a business automation app or a new startup project, etc.

In Ukraine, there are more than 1,000 software and engineering companies that are experts in certain fields, so you can be sure that you will find the right and experienced dedicated team for IT outsourcing in Ukraine. Ukraine is a reliable and cost-effective destination that provides many companies with efficient results in software development.

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