– Giving You More Security When Shopping Online – Giving You More Security When Shopping Online

Innov8tiv featured the Craigphone App that will secure your privacy, safety and give you convenience while you are on Craigslist. While this presents a solution on Craigslist, how about your security and convenience while you are on other ecommerce websites such as Oodle and Yardsllr among others? Innov8tiv’s radar has picked up a company called PayOnDelivery.  This company allows you the ability to sell things online while they take care of the financial transactions and the shipping of the product across all the ecommorce websites. Thus eliminating major risks involved in using this ecommerce sites such as meeting the buyer in order to complete the transaction.

During such meetings most people are faced with the following fears: possibly meeting Craigslist killers, traveling all the way to meet the seller only for the deal not completely fall through, returning with the product to your home only to find out it does not work as expected or reaching the venue for meeting the seller only for the seller to mug you of the cash you had.

PayOnDelivery protects you from all of this by bringing the product to your doorstep, and you will pay for the product if you are satisfied with it. It provides incentive for the seller since it charges less transaction fee than other alternative means. For more details on PayOnDelivery services take a look at this video.

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