Pokémon GO Cheats, Hidden Hacks and Secrets (Detailed Guide)

Nintendo has flooded the internet with its new game Pokémon GO. It takes you outdoors and makes you walk around to find Pokémon and to build your Pokémon army. Pokémon Go now stands has become one of the famous mobile games of 2016 and we expect it to keep making headlines in the coming months. We have compiled a detailed list of Pokemon Go cheats and tips so that you could up your levels and increase your scores in this game and beat your friends.

Visit parks with multiple PokéStops to catch Pokémon creatures in abundance

Our experience with ‘Pokémon go’ shows that the higher the population of an area the greater will be the concentration of Pokémons and PokéStops. Cities contain a greater diversity of PokéStops and Pokémons as compared to the towns and villages. If you are a Pokémon GO enthusiast and want to capture a large number of Pokémons in less time, we recommend you to visit your nearest community park, museums and historical buildings.

Instantly capture a Pikachu 

You will be asked by the professor Willow to catch your first Pokémon as you start the game. It’ll usually be a Bulbasaur or Squirtle. But a little patience may earn you a Pikachu. All you need to do is to ignore the three Pokémons appear in the first place. They’ll follow you around for some time, keep ignoring them for three to four times and after that you’ll see a Pikachu ready to be captured.

Wait at PokéStops to collect valuable stuff

Have you lost all your poke balls? Worry not! Just go to the PokéStops. It refreshes its stock every five minutes. You can collect Poke balls and other stuff by waiting around it.

Spend your Poke Coins efficiently

Poke coins are like cash of the Pokémon world which can be spent to get different items in the game. You can buy coins by spending some actual money in the game or you can earn them by winning battles at the gyms. But, be careful while spending your hard earned coins and don’t spend them on poke balls as you can collect them for free at the PokéStops. You should spend your coins on Incense or Lure module to achieve the highest level in the game.

Catch duplicates and send them to professor Willow

Candies are required to make your Pokémon stronger. When you catch a Pokémon it also adds some candies to your Pokémon stock along with it. Every Pokémon creature consumes a specific type of candies; meaning that spearow only consumes candies obtained from capturing a spearow. Hence capturing more Pokémon of the same breed will not only enhance your candy stock, but also boost your level and experience points. Moreover, sending a Pokémon to professor Willow will also earn you more candies. In case of duplicate Pokémon, you can send one of the Pokémons to professor Willow and earn candies with it. Be careful! Send the one Pokémon with the fewest combat points.

Best way to quickly hatch an egg

When you reach a PokéStop you get poke eggs. These eggs can be hatched by walking a specific distance. You can start the process of hatching for a selected egg by touching ‘Start Incubation’ and choose the nearby incubator. Each incubator can hatch only one egg and multiple incubators will be required if you want to hatch multiple eggs at the same time. These incubators can be bought through in-app transaction or gained when you level up. If you don’t want to walk the required distance for hatching an egg or if you want to hasten up the process of hatching, we recommend you to use a bike to quickly cover the required distance. But, you must keep your speed below 15kmph as the speed beyond this isn’t tracked by the game.

Follow the Rustling leaves and Raining Pink Petals

Rustling leaves are indications of areas where you can find Pokémon creatures. Go to these areas and you’ll have bright chances of capturing wild Pokémons. Raining pink petals indicate the areas where someone has used Lure module. This module increases the probability of wild creature presence in that area. You should stay by the PokéStops with rustling leaves or raining pink petals. The best case scenario is to get between the two stops with rustling leaves or raining pink petals so that you may collect as many Pokémons as you can.

Claim your gym and appointing a guard for its protection

An unclaimed gym appears white on the map. If you stop by a white gym it would be a good idea to claim it. Once you claim a gym, you need to appoint a guard to rescue it from other trainers. You’ll be inclined to appoint your strongest Pokémon to safeguard the gym, but be careful while appointing a potential candidate. If you are to battle other gyms then it’s not prudent to leave your strongest candidate at the guard duty. The best case is to appoint a strong Pokémon at the protection duty and keep the strongest with you for fighting.

Turn off AR ( Augmented Reality) to easily capture Pokémon

AR adds fun and excitement to Pokémon go. But this attractive feature makes it difficult to catch a Pokémon and drains your battery. We have found a significant increase in accuracy in catching the Pokémons after we turned off the AR feature. You can disable it by flipping AR switch off from the top right corner on the battle screen.

Trick Pokémon GO using PokémonGoAnywhere

 Are you living in parts of world where you don’t have enough PokéStops near you?  Don’t get frustrated as you can trick the game using PokémonGoAnywhere. It enables you to click on the screen for movement rather than actually walking around. But, doing so will destroy the purpose of the game as Pokémon GO motivates you to go outside and enjoy searching and tracking things.

  • Word of caution: you might get banned for a specific amount of time for tricking the game using Pokémon GoAnywhere.

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