Primary Stages of a Software Development Process

Primary stages of a software development process .

Software development can get any business better. But the process takes a lot of effort to satisfy customers’ needs. The process is called Software Development Life Cycle, and it implies several stages of software development for effective performance and excellent results.

There are three main SDLC phases: preparation, execution, and quality assurance. Each of them includes several more software development steps for total effectiveness. Each of them can’t be neglected. So it’s better to figure out what kind of stages in a software development process is essential not to mess up any project.


The preparation phase is a must for any development process, especially when money and reputation are involved. So it’s better to start with planning and analysis to assure every detail is thought out and realizable.


When planning and brainstorming are in action, a software development agency should form the concept of a future project. The design should solve a business issue and do it in a new, effective way. So it needs to determine project goals and means of achieving them.

Then gazer information that is required for developing software. Some technical information you can find on the Qarea blog. Structurize all the information to create a developing plan and use it during execution. Detailed research will help to avoid problems caused by a lack of knowledge and defects as a result.


The process of system analysis implies ensuring that set goals match opportunities. Make sure that the requirements and deadlines from the customer match the capabilities of the team. It is necessary to determine the best ways to perform tasks and the number of resources needed.

Calculate and analyze the cost and profitability of the project, taking into account the resource consumption: team, time, financial expenditures to ensure the implementation of the project. Don’t forget about risk analysis. Make up all possible risks, the degree of their damage, and options for solving such situations.


The execution phase consists of creating a product model and filling it with everything necessary to function fully. It is essential to make each development point following the documentation and in cooperation with all team members.


Following the requirements of the project and the available resources, it is necessary to design a software architecture: structure, functionality, and visual. The structure should contain a database with which you can interact in the system to use the functionality fully. The design should display the visual component of the product, which will help the end-user intuitively interact with the software in a logical structure.


The stage of execution implies the collection of software according to a design. The process includes coding and building infrastructure. In addition, it is necessary to maintain documentation on the operation of the software: its structure and functionality. Developers need to make sure that the prototype matches the design.

Quality Assurance

Once the software is completely ready, you cannot rely on perfect performance in the first release. The product must be tested to identify possible bugs and fix them before release on the market.


The testing process helps you identify errors and fix them as quickly and safely as possible. Do not rush to release a product, even if the deadline is tight. A bad user experience can be costly. But with constant QA monitoring, a software project, step by step, will get better and more profitable.

The quality assurance team simulates the end-user’s actions and adjusts the software if required by the test result. Testers generate reports on the completion of their work so that this information can be used in future software development or correction.


System integration usually happens during testing. It is required to retest for compatibility with the general functionality after each integration. As soon as all tests are completed, the bugs are fixed, and the integrations function smoothly, it’s time to release the software.

Releasing and Maintenance

When the software has passed all the quality assurance stages, the product releases on the market. This phase of initial use by real users is referred to as the beta phase. It is essential to collect as much information about this phase as to maintain the quality.

If the product performs without errors during the agreed period, it’s time for the software’s official release. In case of possible errors or wishes for integrating new features, the team of developers, testers, and designers can again be involved in the work on the project.

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