Procter & Gamble acquires the Black-owned Shaving Brand Bevel

Procter & Gamble Bevel

Bevel is a shaving line uniquely designed to meet the needs of men of color. It is just one of the many health and beauty products produced by the Walker & Company Brands, a company owned by blacks. Well, it so happens that a bigger company – Procter & Gamble – has been keeping tabs on Walker & Company, but more specifically, the men shaving line Bevel.

Long story short, Procter & Gamble made Walker & Company a deal they could not walk away from, and now Bevel has been acquired.

The Walker & Company was founded by Tristan Walker – the current CEO – who explains that the drive behind forming this company was to created health and beauty products designed for the people of color. Products by a person of color, who understand what people of color need from cosmetic products.

Walker shares his enthusiasm for the acquisition of Bevel by the Procter & Gamble, which comes with a big cheque to see the shaving product (Bevel) reach far and wide. Walker founded the company five years ago, and he has spent every day trying to fine-tune the products to meet the needs of colored folks.

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His best-known product, the Bevel brand is a comprehensive grooming experience tailor-made to suit the needs of men with curly or coarse hair. The company has also come up with a new product line, the FORM Beauty, a premium hair care solution for women with textured hair.

Though acquired by Procter & Gamble, Bevel will still run independently

According to Walker, there are going to be no changes in the products themselves and the Walker & Co. Brands. They will continue operating as a separate but wholly-owned subsidiary of Procter & Gamble and under the stewardship of Walker.

Procter & Gamble will benefit from this relationship from the multicultural business growth Bevel put onto the table.

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