QCon San Francisco Conference | Nov 16-18, 2015

QCon San Francisco Conference | Nov 16-18, 2015

Founded back in 2006, QCon brings together techies, architects, developers and engineers among other professionals to show and learn about the new innovation and inventions in their fields. Attendees get a front row seat to the unveiling of the latest cutting edge developments in their field of profession and those outside their profession.

QCon creates a sense of community by getting everybody together and have them talking about the things that they really care about. Attendees get an opportunity to learn by talking one-on-one with people at their same level or higher level of expertise. Where the attendees get the opportunity to ask questions and get answers that are particularly adapted to their situations.

Previous attendees have likened QCon to Mecca, where techies get to learn from experts who are not just theoretically involved in those field, but also practically. QCon will be in San Francisco in November 16-18, 2015. QCon has also been in New York, London, Sao Paulo, Beijing, and Shanghai.

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