Redditor Finds Amazing New Trick to Free Up Space in iPhone: Here’s How to Do It

Getting more space in iPhone has always been a topic of discussion. In the past we have told you how to free up space in iPhone using a lot of ways. But a new trick has surfaced which lets you get more space in iPhone. This trick is basically based on the idea of tricking iOS. The trick was first shared by a Redditor. It has since made headlines. Before Apple tweaks its system, you should use the trick to get more space.

Free Up Space Using This New Amazing Trick

The trick involves renting a movie in iTunes. You can rent a movie without getting charged. The idea is to prompt a message from iPhone and the space will be added. You will not be charged a single penny.

Launch iTunes store in your iPhone and head over to the Movies tab.

Now here is the key: search for a movie which has size more than the space left in your iPhone. For example if you have 800MB space left, try searching a big movie like Lord of the Rings which has space in GBs.

 Just tap the Rent option.

Image: iphonelife

You will see a message saying that it cannot download the movie because of not sufficient space in iPhone. There will be two buttons on this dialogue box. Just hit the “Settings” button.

Image: Mashable

That’s it. You will see that suddenly your iPhone has more space than it had when you tapped settings.

You can see the available space by going to General > Storage & iCloud Usage.

Image: Mashable

Not only this, iPhone will clean the junk when you hit the Home button. When you get the space error, it automatically detects that the user ran into a space problem. It will delete app data, cookies, cache and other variables.

You can do this trick three to four times to free up space in iPhone. There are users who reported on Reddit that they were able to get more than 3-4 GBs of space with this trick.

Let us know in the comments if this trick worked for you.


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