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Running out of Space on your Smartphone? Use Web Apps instead of installing Mobile Apps

I think most of you would agree, the longer we use our smartphone, the slower, it seems to get. Then you start cursing your always freezing (hanging) phone as you look for money to buy a new one. Once you get a new one, three or four months down the road, the old problem is back again! Things are just not as fluid as they used to be; you no longer switch between apps as you used to when it was new, and the freezing is back.

Well, I am no experts in how things work under the hood. However, I am guessing you are running too many apps simultaneously that the RAM cannot support their execution fast enough, and you have too many apps’ cache backlog. This problem will be worst felt by users using smartphones with low memory capacity; RAM and internal storage.

Well, there a workaround that problem! You can stop installing mobile apps for which you can find web apps that work just as good. The usual mobile apps culprits that slow down your phone and drain your battery faster like Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud have web apps that can serve just as good. But, with a big difference, you save big on RAM usage and internal storage space.

Links to Web Apps version of popular Mobile Apps

Here are links to web apps to some of the popular mobile apps currently choking up your smartphone and slowing things down.







However, there is a downside to using web apps when compared to mobile apps. With web apps, you don’t get push notifications, something that could lead to you missing important notifications if you depend on them so much.

Pro Tip: Certain mobile browsers like Opera Mini can allow you to add shortcuts to your favorite sites to your home screen. The shortcuts will look like mobile apps icons on your home screen and give you quick access to the site like mobile apps give you quick access.

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