Safaricom 4G Network rolling out in 4 more Towns outside Nairobi, Kenya

Safaricom launching 4G Network in 4 more Towns outside Nairobi, Kenya

The world is becoming a global village, they say! Technology and the internet are disrupting business by bringing new threats and opportunities alike! To service in this tech savvy world, you must adopt this new technology, or prepare to close shop as you become obsolete.

But all that depends on your internet connection speed and reliability. Currently, 4G network is one of the fastest wireless broadband technology that can be readily and affordably deployed. There is 5G and higher, but those are either too expensive to use or are still in the prototype stage of development.

Kenya’s leading mobile service carrier, Safaricom is gearing up to launch 4G network across four towns in the country. Namely Kisumu, Kisii, Eldoret, Nakuru and Meru. These towns will join the capital Nairobi and the coastal city of Mombasa, in the numbers of towns and cities across Kenya with Safaricom 4G networks connection. This rollout is expected to be done by Friday, this week.

Once up and running, the total number of counties in Kenya with 4G mobile internet will reach 30. This rollout is part of Safaricom’s $325 million plan of infrastructure expansion program. A program that will see 500 more 4G base stations constructed across the country. Thereby, doubling the number of Safaricom 4G network base stations across Kenya.

This week on Thursday, Safaricom introduce two new data bundles for the 4G-connected subscribers. A weekly 200MB for $1 and a monthly 5GB for $15.

A move seen by many as a strategic product to lure more users in need of large mobile data consumption. As the two new data bundles comparables, are the previously existing 130MB for $1 and monthly 3GB for $10.

As an additional enticement to new 4G subscribers, Safaricom is giving free 4GB data to new users on their first two days of use.

The telecom hopes the new data bundles plus freebies on top will be more than enough to motivate users to swap their current SIM cards for the new 4G-enabled cards. However, the biggest hurdle yet is the fact that 4G enabled devices are not yet widespread, especially outside Nairobi and Mombasa.

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