Safaricom makes it to 2nd Floor and Awards Subscribers Free Calls & Data marking 20th Anniversary

Kenya’s Safaricom is the Best Employer in Africa | Forbes Global 2000 list 2018 ranking

Kenya’s leading mobile telecommunication company Safaricom, has just reminded Kenyans that it is marking its 20th year of operations in the country. The telco has also announced that it will be marking its 20th birthday with freebies to its customers.

Yes, that is right, Safaricom’s 20th anniversary will come with goodies for subscribers in the form of free call minutes and mobile data. The freebies will be in the form of one free call lasting 20 minutes. Each customer should get their free 20 minutes over the course of the next 30 days beginning tomorrow.

In the past two decades, Safaricom has grown from a telecommunication service provider to a technology company and our customers have been a key part of this journey,” said Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa.

We are cognizant that technology and a data-driven economy can further support Kenya’s economic growth and these will be our launchpad for the next 20 years.”

Each customer will be alerted by the telecom when their free minutes is available for use. Those who have been active subscribers to the telecom for 20 years will get free 20GB mobile data, which will expire within seven days.

Safaricom Innovations over the Years

Safaricom has grown not to be one of the most valuable companies in Africa, it is also a hub for tech innovation around East Africa. Not forgetting, its M-Pesa mobile money service is a poster child for fintech revolution around the world.

The M-Pesa service has grown to be so successful and efficient that it literally displaced traditional banking services since it included a lot of the underbanked and unbanked individuals (mostly in the informal sector).

The company’s fiber-to-home services have also seen a decrease in the digital divide between the affluent and middle class (and to some extent the upcoming middle class). Its fiber-to-home services have seen increased uptake of broadband internet across urban areas in Kenya. And with that, came more opportunities for online business, learning, and communication.


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