Samsung Galaxy Book tablets running Windows 10 are cheaper than Microsoft Surface Pro

Galaxy Book

At the MWC 2017, South Korea’s tech giant Samsung released a series of Windows 10 tablets said to give Redmond tech giant, Microsoft, a fierce run for its money. True to its words, Samsung, which failed to disclose the retail price of its flagship Windows 10 tablets at the MWC 2017, has just announced the price.

Samsung has announced the retail price for the 10.6-inch and 12-inch Galaxy Book tablets, and they are more affordable compared to Microsoft’s Surface line of devices.

The 10.6-inch Galaxy Book tablet retails at $629.99. This device’s connectivity included Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The 12-inch Galaxy Book tablet starts retailing at $1,129.99 for the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth only version. It also comes with an LTE version which retails at $1,299.99.

Consumers would be glad to know that both tablets come with a free stylus and a keyboard case. Unlike Microsoft’s Surface devices where one must buy the stylus and the keyboard separately, making the purchase more expensive overall compared to Samsung’s Windows 10 tablets. That was a key focus point for Samsung at the MWC 2017, and true to their words, they released the devices into the market, shipping the tablet alongside the stylus and keyboard case under one affordable pricing.

Microsoft Surface Devices v/s Samsung Galaxy Book tablets

Put head to head, price conscious consumers are likely to go for the Galaxy Book tablets instead of the Surface devices, and here is why:

The Surface Pro 4 tablet, whose specs can be said to match that of the 10.6-inch Galaxy Book tablet, starts retailing at $799. A consumer will save $169.01 by purchasing the Samsung Galaxy 10 or add $330.99 and get the 12-inch Galaxy Book.

Preorders for the Galaxy Book LTE tablets started on April 21st on Verizon, while the Wi-Fi only version will be available for order directly from Samsung and selected retailers including Best Buy.

The tablets by most retailers come in silver, but Best Buy has the exclusive black versions. If you are the patient type, you can wait for another whole month to find the Galaxy Book tablet in the stores.

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