Samsung much-hyped $2000 foldable phone is proving not worth its salt; defects already starting to emerge

Samsung has revolutionalized the smartphone industry by being the first smartphone maker to develop and introduce a foldable smartphone dubbed as the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Released initially in 2018 as a prototype, the highly anticipated device managed to capture the attention of major smartphone makers and users alike with its touchscreen’s amazing ability to fold. In 2019, Samsung further unveiled details in the fascinating features portrayed on the foldable phone pushing for the launch of the gadget into the consumer market.

The Galaxy Fold is priced at a whopping $2000 undoubtedly from the great expenditure consumed by the company’s new and bold concept. Being the pioneers of this type of consumer technology, the concept had to face heavy costing in its production and development. Banking on the G

alaxy Fold launch, Samsung was looking at making a major breakthrough in consumer technology that would earn the company great sales. However, Samsung may be facing a major disaster from their $2000 gadget’s shortcomings this close to its official launch.

On the release of the Galaxy Fold new entry units to smartphone reviewers, a number of the gadgets broke while being tested out. Samsung has received an unexpected backlash from negative reviews causing them to delay the launch date in order to make necessary adjustments just days away from the initial set date for the official launch. In hindsight, the smartphone maker giant’s shortcomings could have been foreseen by the company’s choice of action from the point of concept introduction to the proposed launch date.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Fold in their annual developer conference (SDC) in November 2018. The gadget was showcased as a prototype rather than the actual device to portray a new concept of display termed as “Infinity Flex”. Though the concept still seemed to be in its initial development phase, seeing as it was showcased only as a prototype, Samsung went on to declare that it would soon proceed to production. The showcase of the prototype on a dark stage would also suggest that Samsung tried to mask the unfinished features of the product. This move would seem drastic for a first entry gadget.

The official debut of the

Samsung Galaxy Fold was done soon after, on the February of 2019. Samsung officially showcased the phone in detail on a well-lit stage with the said phone put to action. In this event, the Galaxy phone was demonstrated as a well-functioning smartphone with an actual foldable touchscreen that could be used both as a standard screen as well as a double screen. In this way, Samsung was able to boost its consumer confidence in the product.

However, the attendees of the event were not allowed to test out the Galaxy fold. Instead, other new Samsung phones were put out for testing such as the new Galaxy S10 that had just been released. The restricted access to the Galaxy fold device would suggest that the device was not ready for consumer use.

Soon after its debut, Samsung priced the Galaxy Fold at a heavy cost of $1980. The cost was considered very pricey, almost twice as much, compared to other high-end products in the smartphone market. The high price was however quite understandable for a new entry concept in the smartphone industry. The ambitious price would still present a challenge for the consumer market. The proposed launch date proposed for April, ideally only a couple of months after the official debut of the device seemed a little too rushed for the newly adopted concept.

Finally only several days to the official launch date, Samsung received a hard blow after it released several unit trial units of the device to smartphone reviewers only for several of the units to break. Four out of a dozen reviewers, including Youtube reviewers, had their screens break after removing a slim screen protecting plastic sheet that resulted in broken screens within minutes of using the phone devices. Samsung has had to hold off the launch date in order to make the necessary adjustment to the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Fold ahead of its launch.


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