Second Time In A Row, Nairobi Emerges As The ‘Most Intelligent’ City In Africa

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Second Time In A Row, Nairobi Emerges As The ‘Most Intelligent’ City In Africa

Kenya’s Capital Nairobi has been named for the second year in a row, as Africa’s most intelligent city. It is also the only African city to feature in the list of the world’s Top 21 ‘Intelligent Communities’.

The listing came about by a survey done by Intelligent Community Forum, whose report dubbed, “Intelligent Communities,” showcases communities taking “conscious steps” to create prosperous economies in the “broadband economy.” The organization recently releases yet another report ranking communities that are putting in places inclusive and prosperous economies while incorporating ICT.

The Forum’s shortlist of 21 hubs from across the world for the year 2015, only featured Nairobi, as the only African city.

Intelligent Community Forum, co-founder Robert Bell as cited by CNN, said: “We see a strong foundation being put into place [in Nairobi]: sensible, pro-growth government policy, a more diversified economy, and an innovation ecosystem of startups, international companies, and universities.

Nairobi certainly has the opportunity to build an exciting future for its citizens, businesses, and institutions.”

Out of the 21 cities shortlisted, seven were selected for the next round of competition slated for June 2015. One city from the seven cities will bag the 2015 Intelligent Community of the Year award. The 2015 Top 7 Intelligent Communities going to the next round of competition are as follows:

-Arlington County (U.S.)

-Columbus (U.S.)

-Ipswich (Australia)

-Mitchell (U.S.)

-New Taipei City (Taiwan)

-Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

-Surrey (Canada)

You can view a picture gallery of Africa’s most intelligent city, Nairobi on CNN by following this link.

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