Secrets of Successful Online Selling

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Secrets of Successful Online Selling

Since the inception of e-commerce in Kenya, people have whole heartedly embraced opportunities in the field. Among the opportunities available, online selling is the most common and most preferred by entrepreneurs. They view it as a less risky way to sell their products since there isn’t much investment required to start up an online sales channel. Most entrepreneurs are praising online marketplaces like Kaymu for providing a platform in which they can run their businesses conveniently.

With the emergence of successful online sellers, upcoming entrepreneurs have found themselves giving up too soon, claiming that they see little to no results. “It was too complicated, I posted an Item on one of the online market places but nobody ever contacted me” Says James Kerono a clothes seller who threw in the towel on online selling.

What Mr. Kerono didn’t know was that putting up an online store requires a lot of work, just like putting up physical shops, they both need to be well thought through and a strategic direction should be in place. The only difference is, one is more expensive than the other.

Research is a crucial element of this strategy. Online entrepreneurs should find out what products sell frequently online and then narrow down to what gap there is in the market and combine them with their interests and product offering.

“You should never be scared of competition, it’s your uniqueness and aggressiveness that will get you through” says AleedaFazal, MD Kaymu. “You also need to know your customers’ needs so that you can offer the best service.”

Accessibility and visibility are the two other components of conducting an online business. While choosing an online selling platform, it is essential to choose one that is easy to navigate because buyers can easily get frustrated and discouraged from continuing the sale. Keep in mind that the customer is always looking for a hassle free experience and that should be a key decision making factor when selecting a platform to work with.

Accessibility simply means, less lost sales for entrepreneurs. If it is a site that requires entrepreneurs to post a photo of what they are selling, the photo should be professional and visible. In addition to this, it is essential to offer the best level of service possible because this is what will keep customers coming back. Simply put, when you make your customers happy, it will make you even happier. For example, reassuring customers that they can get a refund if they are not satisfied with the product works wonders.

Patience.  Do not give up too soon, giving up might cost you great business opportunities. Whoever came up with the phrase patience pays must have been literally thinking of the money.

About Kaymu

Kaymu is the largest and safest online marketplace in Africa, where buyers and sellers meet to exchange everything from Fashion to Phones. Launched in various African countries, Kaymu’s vision is to offer both customers and sellers a shopping experience that is convenient, safe and second to none. The Company is part of Africa Internet Holding, a global and leading incubator of startups specialized in e-commerce. Kaymu Kenya is a venture of the Africa Internet Group (AIG), which supports some of the leading internet companies in the African region. Founded by Rocket Internet, the AIG’s mission is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship throughout Kenya and Africa at large, and to support the development of a vibrant online culture. AIG’s network currently consists of 10 companies, which are operating in 15 countries.

About AIG

Africa Internet Holding is the leading internet group of Africa with already over 1,000 employees in 20 African countries and huge successes such as Jumia, Hellofood, Lamudi, Carmudi, EasyTaxi and Jovago. It is led by top talented leaders offering a great mix of local and international talents and is backed by Millicom, MTN and Rocket Internet.

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