How to Send PDF File in WhatsApp for Android or iOS

WhatsApp is the primary messaging service used by approximately one billion users  around the world. Facebook’s WhatsApp is currently on an update spree. Within the past few weeks, we have seen minor and major updates in WhatsApp. The recent update is noteworthy as it solves a lot of user problems. This update has been made for both iOS and Android. It has made document sharing possible for the WhatsApp users.

You can now send PDF files in WhatsApp to anyone having a WhatsApp account. You can, of course, receive the PDF files in WhatsApp as well. Before this, it was not possible. WhatsApp was only supportive of photos, videos. But now, you can open WhatsApp, use the media picker as normal and select any PDF file.

Send PDF File in WhatsApp in Android or iOS

This is a great news for students (yes, you can now tell that nerd to just quickly send his assignment on WhatsApp), journalists, researchers and anyone who use PDF files regularly. Emailing files, waiting for attachments sometimes become a headache.

You can not only send a

PDF file in WhatsApp from your iPhone storage, you can also select the PDF files saved in iCloud storage, Dropbox or OneDrive. This means that you do not need to save the large PDF files to send them to your friends. You can just select the PDF files from the Cloud and send them.

Two weeks ago WhatsApp for iPhone got another update after which you can now send photos and videos saved in other Cloud apps like Dropbox.

If you want to send PDF in WhatsApp, just open the chat thread where you want to send and click on the media picker in order to select the file.

You will see the new option called “Share Document”. Tap it.

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You will now see options to select the document files from third party apps(if installed in your Phone). These apps include Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive and more.

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After selecting the file, send it and the receiver would receive the PDF file.

You will need iOS 6 and above to use this feature. If you haven’t updated your WhatsApp for iPhone yet, make sure to do that in order to use this feature.

The procedure to send PDF file in WhatsApp for Android is also the same. Just open the thread and tap the “Attachment” clip icon from the top right of the conversation and you will see a “Document” option. You can use it to select any pdf file


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