SERPs & SEO: The Things You Need to Know

Why SEO is Crucial for Every Startup Business

SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages are the pages returned to an internet user the moment a web or browser search is performed. Anything that a person looks for online gets responded by loads of SERPs. The competition is among websites whose pages are optimized. In order to be ranked up top, a Search Engine Optimization strategy is ideally developed. Website traffic is measured according to the visitors who clicks a page returned by the system in the form of SERPs. Fact is, a searcher would normally just click the highly suggested SERPs or those that comes up on the first page. Website owners, now do their best, to make their website discoverable and high-ranking so they get more audience.

There are different kinds of SERPs and the most common are Paid Ads, Organic Lists, Information Graphs, and Featured Snippets. Here are a few more things you need to know about SERPs and SEO:


Paid advertisements show up in the very first page returned during a web search. Marketing collaterals are shown here. Just like most business owners, the presence of the product or a service shown in the first page of the Search Engine Result Pages has higher chances of getting leads. The goal is to be present in the first page and second and the following pages have lesser chances of getting clicked and visited.


This is the part where featured portion of a web search result is shown. These are normally short parts of whatever is being searched upon online. This is either divided into FAQs, numbered content, or bullet lists. This is ideal for those who are seeking quick answers to short-form questions. Most of the time, when the searcher already finds the answer to a searched idea, the featured snippet can basically show the gist of the information needed.


This is the most conservative part where the internet returns organic results to a web search. This may be not directly optimized to target specific audiences but it has the exact or complete information being looked upon. Those online business owners who do not want to spend on virtual ads spends time with SEO-optimized content and this is shown as organic listings.

Benefits of SERPs and SEO

Whatever are displayed in SERPs or SEO-optimized pages, it all depends on the effort exerted during content writing. There may be targeted keywords utilized during the writing of the website content and this is intended to rank and show up in the first page of a web browser for online surfers to consume. Here are some of the most notable benefits of SERPs and SEO-optimized content:

Lead Generation

When website algorithm is well-planned and strategized, a page is highly visited as it is shown only to leads who are initially interested searchers, clicking links which suits their ideal concept of an information source. It generates lead which will eventually become subscribers or buyers. For pay per click websites, quality content equals quality leads which are ideal business prospects. The leads generated over SERPs and SEO-optimized websites normally earns more than those which are not. Leads are the gist and the main mission of every website. The traffic are cold leads which eventually turns into warm and interested leads. The bottom line is these leads becoming buyers or subscribers.

Targeted Audience

A much narrower strategy of generating leads is through a targeted audience concept. When a website developer understood the need to have readers who are likely to buy a product or subscribe in a website, a targeting tool is available upon account setting stage. If the right audience are targeted, the more chance a product will be noticed. If the content has good quality, the more probability that the targeted audience will actually convert as client potential.

Higher Conversion Rate

Business owners invest in digital marketing to suffice the goal of having high conversion rate. Conversion rate is the measure of an audience visiting a website who eventually purchases a product or signs up for a program. Accurate and appropriate content will likely generate higher conversion and this is what most business owner wants. Considering the universal exposure of a virtual ad, there is a bigger chance for reaching a much wider set of prospects.

Warehouse Management System or WMS helps in essentially distributing and integration using a cloud system. When done right WMS aids SEO ranking and SERPs benefit every website owner, especially if it carries a loaded content essential for the online market who are always out to look for the most useful resource to use. Apart from that, you can try WMS everywhere for keyword research. The internet has its unique algorithm of returning the most optimized and the most suited result to every search. Thanks to the Google built-in crawlers, digital marketing has now a workaround of getting noticed by a wider market. However, it comes with a price. Nonetheless, the profit can also be encouraging.

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