The Social Media Awards – Recognizing and Celebrating Africa’s Creativity On Social Media

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The Social Media Awards – Recognizing and Celebrating Africa’s Creativity On Social Media

Stats have it that Africa is the second fastest growing continent in the world. With over 700 million people on the face of the continent owning a mobile phone, 170 million having internet access and 110 million having Facebook accounts and Africa’s twitter timeline is very active.

There is no doubting that the African continent has well embraced and adapted the mobile platform and all the beneficial tools associated with the platform. Throughout the continent there is an emergence of young innovators using the social media platform, (one of the tools available on the mobile platform) to come up with creative and innovative ways to solve various socio-economic challenges in their local communities.

In recognition and celebration of this excellence and creativity, The Social Media Awards (SMAA) has been set up, to showcase just how innovative African individuals and organizations have become. The SMAA is a timely intervention hell-bent on promoting creativity, innovation and development across the continent of Africa, through productive use of the social media platform.

SMAA features 4 major categories and 15 awards, geared at celebrating and showcasing Africa’s emerging social media ingenuity. The award is organized by Development Diaries Ltd/GTE with support from other leading social media professionals, media conglomerates from all over Africa and various international agencies.

Individuals and Organizations Eligibility for Nominations Requirements:

  1. 18 years of age and above.
  2. A national of any African country or spent more than 3 years permanent residency in any African country.
  3. Organization must be owned in full or partially by any African, who meets the above requirements.
  4. Not-profit organization must be duly registered and operational in any African country. Or based overseas but having at least one(1) duly registered country office.
  5. The individual/organization must have a relevant social media account: individuals/organizations with no social media presence will not be considered.
  6. Campaigns, initiatives, etc. that have been conducted offline (not on social media) will not be considered.
  7. Other similar third party nominations will not be considered.
  8. SMAA 2014 will consider nominations for activities or initiatives that ran between 2011 to 2013.
  9. Consideration for nominations will only begin after a party has the Acceptance Form and has signed it and confirmed their acceptance of the nomination.
  10. Upon the acceptance of the nomination and SMAA published a Nominee List, parties cannot withdraw their acceptance.

45 finalists, 3 nominees for each award will be announced at a celebration event dubbed “Night of Virtual Wonders.” The date for this event is set to be announced later this year.

For more details on this, follow this link.

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